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What is Difference Between Vehicle Powered and Diesel Powered Truck Refrigeration Units?

Jan  08,2018
Guchen Thermo is the leading transport refrigeration units manufacturer in China. We mainly supply vehicle powered and diesel powered truck refrigeration units. Knowing the difference between vehicle powered truck freezer systems and diesel powered ones can help you choose the suitable units for your cold chain logistics.

1. From the structure to see difference:

Vehicle powered truck refrigeration units are simple structure and easy to repair and maintain. Diesel powered units have an engine system to generate power for cooling system, so it is a little more complex structure and difficult to repair and maintain.

2. From transportation application to see difference:

If for the urban to urban or districts to countryside frozen transportation, the vehicle powered truck refrigeration units are suitable, because its low price and even it is broken on the road, drivers can find repair shop easily in city. Besides that, if for long distance transportation, it is suitable to use diesel powered truck refrigeration units, even it is broken on the road, the cooling system not stopping, so cargoes are safe.

3. From price to see difference:

From the transportation cost, their prices are very different a lot. If have a sufficient budget and have a high requirement to temperature, the diesel engine truck refrigeration units are the first choice.

Tips: Our TS series diesel powered truck refrigeration units mainly include:

▲ TS-600 truck reefer units
▲ TS-800 truck refrigeration units
▲ TS-1000 truck refrigeration units
▲ TS-1200 truck refrigeration units

Our vehicle powered truck refrigeration units include:

▲ TR series truck freezer units
▲ F series truck reefer units
▲ C-200 Truck Chiller Units
▲ C-300 Truck Chiller Units
C-200 Chiller system for truck C-300 truck chiller system

How about to know more about Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration unit? see truck refrigeration unit catalog or van refrigeration unit catalog for more choices!
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