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How to Select Suitable Truck Refrigeration Units According to What Cargoes Transport?

Jan  06,2018

Sometimes, what kind of cargoes you transport can determine what
truck refrigeration units you use, different cargoes need different temperature to keep fresh during transportation. And as for Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units, its temperature range is -30℃ to +25℃, so it can meet different demands on cold chain transportation business. When you choose the truck refrigeration units, please follow the following 3 tips:

1.Diesel Powered or Vehicle Powered Truck Reefer Units

Vehicle powered truck refrigeration unit has the features of relying on vehicle engine to drive cooling system, but low price and easy to maintain, suitable for the short distance transportation. Diesel powered truck refrigeration units have the features of not relying on vehicle engine, having its own cooling system, but price is higher than vehicle engine powered truck reefer units. Guchen Thermo can supply high quality and low price truck refrigeration units.

Our vehicle powered truck refrigeration units are included into:

▲ TR series truck freezer units
▲ F series truck reefer units

TS series included into:

TS-600 truck reefer units
TS-800 truck refrigeration units
TS-1000 truck refrigeration units
TS-1200 truck refrigeration units

2.What Brands Truck Refrigeration Units You can Refer to?

As for the famous brands of truck refrigeration units, we can remember of Thermo King, Carrier Transicold, Hwasung Thermo, Alex, Denso and so on. They are famous in the world, but high price make it not popular in many areas. Guchen Thermo also as the leading manufacturer in HVAC field have rich experience in truck refrigeration units, van refrigeration units. Our product such as for the following models, it can replace Carrier:

TR-200/TR-300/TR-350 truck refrigeration units ------ Carrier Viento 200/300/350
TR-550 truck refrigeration units-----Carrier Citimax 500
TR-650 truck refrigeration units------Carrier Xarios-600
TS-800 truck refrigeration units------ Carrier Supra-750
TS-1000 truck refrigeration units ----- Carrier Supra-850

Guchen Thermo promise the high quality and low price to our customers!

guchen thermo truck refrigeration units for sale1
Photo: Guchen Thermo TR-300 Truck Refrigeration Units Installation and TR-550 Truck Refrigeration Units Installation

3.Truck Freezer Units or Truck Chiller Units?

Compared with truck freezer units, the truck chiller units prices are lower, but cannot transport deep frozen cargoes. Usually to say, the truck freezer units temperature is -30℃ to +25℃, and truck chiller units temperature is -5℃ to +25℃. So users should choose the suitable units according to cargoes.
Guchen Thermo truck chiller units included into:

C-200 Truck Chiller Units
C-300 Truck Chiller Units

Guchen Thermo Truck Freezer Units included into:

▲ TR series Truck Freezer Units
▲ TS series Truck Freezer Units
What other models of Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration unit? see truck refrigeration unit catalog or van refrigeration unit catalog, get more choices for your business! 


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