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How to Reduce Temperature Fast in Refrigerated Truck Bodies?

Jan  09,2018

In the summer, temperature is high, especially for the places, such as Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and so on, the local areas’ temp even up t0 50℃+, and it is in this season that refrigerated trucks are popular used for cold chain business, so how do you reduce temperature in refrigerated truck bodies quickly?

Sometimes we can see the refrigerated trucks are parking under the sun for a while time, then the temperature begins to increase, when need to use the truck, some drivers turn on the
truck refrigeration units directly, and then they will find the refrigerating effect is not good and low cooling speed. In fact, resulting in this problem is because of the improper operation, and the right operation is that before turn on box truck reefer unit, please open truck body doors first, turn on the truck refrigeration units external circulation system to discharge the hot air in truck body, when the temperature is reduced, then close doors and turn on truck refrigeration units to the setup temperature.

In conclusion, the important tips to reduce temperature in truck body is:

1.Open truck body doors to be precool first
2.Close truck body doors to turn on truck refrigeration units to setup temperature

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