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Guchen Thermo Transport Refrigeration Units to Serbia

Jun  16,2017

In May, 2017, our customer from Serbia ordered 3 sets of TR-110D electric van refrigeration units, 2 sets of TR-300T van freezer units, 1 set of TF-100D battery driven van chiller units and 1 set of TR-350 truck freezer units.

our customer receive the Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration units
PHOTO: Our customer receives the product of van refrigeration units for van bodies and truck refrigeration units he ordered

So what are the differences among TR-100D, TF-110D, TR-300T van refrigeration units and TR-350 truck freezer units ?

TR-100D refrigeration units for van bodies have the similar characteristics with TF-100D refrigeration units for van bodies. They all split roof-top mounted van refrigeration units and driven by battery and apply in 2-8m³van boxes. The most difference is TR-110D van refrigeration units use R134a refrigerant, so the temperature of van inside ranges from -5℃~+25℃, which is suitable for delivering fresh goods, like flowers, drugs, fruits and vegetables. While TF-110D refrigeration units for van bodies use R404a refrigerant, which can keep the van boxes in 25℃ -30℃. Thus TF-110D refrigeration units for van bodies can be used to transport deep frozen cargoes.

And TR-300T refrigeration units for van bodies is vehicle engine driven unit, which is used for 10~22m³ medium or big van boxes. With R404a refrigerant, this van refrigeration units’ cooling capacity can up to 3010W, which can keep temperature in box at -20℃ to 30℃ to transport chilled or deep frozen foods.

TR-350 truck refrigeration units are vehicle engine driven units and mounted in front, which are designed for 3.9 meter length to 4.2 meter length refrigerated truck bodies with 15~25m³ boxes. The temperature ranges from -30 ℃ to + 30 ℃, so it is convenient to transport fresh and deep frozen goods.

the transport refrigeration are prepared to install
PHOTO: The transport refrigeration units are prepared to install on the van and trucks 

Currently, the van refrigeration units European our clients installed in his vehicles are van electric driven refrigeration units and TR-350 truck refrigeration units Europe. Our clients choose TR-350 truck refrigeration units Europe equipped with heating system in his 20 m³ truck bodies for it can protect the goods from frost damage in cold regions. Like in Russia, the temperature in winter can reach -20 ℃, so they must open the heating system to ensure the goods would be damaged by the cold. So this truck refrigeration units in European countries are very popular.

This is the TR-110D roof mounted van refrigeration units mount on the small cargo vans, you can see the temperature canbe lowed down to -9.2℃, which has a very better cooling performance for transporting fresh cargoes! 

the refrigeration units installed on the van
PHOTO: Feedback from our customers in Europe that refrigeration units for van bodies installed on the van 

This is the TR-350 truck refrigeration units in Europeans mounted on the trucks, you can see the evaporator has two evaporator fans and its core adopts copper tube, which make the units have a very high quality performance. 

truck refrigeration installed on the truck
PHOTO: Feedback from our clients of  TR-350 truck refrigeration units in European countries

If you have any questions and want to know more about the transport refrigeration units, please contact Guchen Thermo and our professional and experience salesman will give you the best suggestion according to you requirements !  

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