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TS-1000 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Unit Export to Middle East

Jun  09,2017
The TS series diesel engine truck refrigeration units are very popular with the the Middle East areas, not because of the TS series truck refrigeration units can resist their local high temperature (up to 50℃+ in summer!), but also it has a very stable working performance.

Before the hot summer is coming, our customer Mr. Ziv from the Middle East Areas ordered  one set of TS-1000 box truck refrigeration units for their truck. Let’s see the details.

guchen thermo super snow truck refrigeration units for sale export to middle east
PHOTO: Box truck refrigeration units are packed by wooden box to protect the units arrived our computers hand safely.

Customer: Mr. Ziv
Area: the Middle East
Work: Vehicle Refitting Factory and Truck Refrigeration Units Distributor
Ordered: TS-1000 Truck Cooler Refrigeration Unit
Transportation Way: By Sea

guchen thermo truck refrigeration units for sale export to middle east
PHOTO: TS-1000 Truck Refrigeration Units are Ready to Load to Truck and Deliver to Customers Hand 

Feedback: Keep the frozen cargoes safe from rotten is very important for transporters, especially for the very high temperature places, meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, seafood...are easy to go rotten. So our customers Mr.Ziv work in a vehicle refitting factory from the middle East areas bought Guchen Thermo TS-1000 truck refrigeration units for their truck factory. Based on the well experience in truck refitting, plus the installation drawing, circuit diagram, refrigeration cycle drawing and installation maul, Mr. Ziv and his team installed Guchen Thermo TS-1000 box truck refrigeration units successfully.

guchen thermo super snow truck refrigeration units for sale export to middle east
PHOTO: TS-1000 Box Truck Refrigeration Units Arrived at the Middle East and Installation

Product Characteristic: TS-1000 diesel engine truck refrigeration unit is also called as independent truck refrigeration unit, own its independent cooling system, not rely on the truck engine, suitable for long distance transportation. It has big cooling capacity 7925W when the ambient temperature is 0℃, fast cool down the temperature and customers can set temp from -30℃ to 30℃, so it can use for deliver frozen or deep frozen cargoes.

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