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TS-1000MT Multi-temperature Refrigeration Unit Shipped to Abroad

Aug  27,2020
Consumers’ requirements for chilled and frozen products, especially beverages, frozen and perishable food, will increase in the future. As a new and innovative product, multiple temperature trucks are more likely to be one of the most potential investments, especially in retail market.

Guchen Thermo TS-1000MT is a reliable single unit specifically designed for multiple temperatures and multiple cargoes transport. There has been more than 30 sets of Guchen multi-temperature refrigeration units being shipped abroad since June, 2020. With the increasing high growth of multi-temperature refrigerated trucking services, we believe that it will not be far from doubling our selling data.

dual temperature refrigeration system Guchen multiple temperature refrigeration system TS-1000MT dual temperature refrigeration system

Seeing the photos sent by our New Zealand Dealer, it looks and performs great in the Foton Truck.
On the one hand, With TS-1000MT multi-temperature units, the fleet manager has the ability to set temperature for different zones to match load requirements. To a great extent, it guarantees optimum and accurate environmental conditions.
On the other hand, the multiple temperature refrigeration system lets the fleet manager make fewer trips while still ensuring the integrity of the fresh and chilled products on arrival.

multiple temperature refrigerated truck system

TS-1000MT unit incorporates multiple (dual, usually) slime evaporators and fans into a single unit. It is the ideal solution for multiple-zone cooling in multiple temperature vehicles that demand high capacity. The multi-temperature refrigeration system has the ability to respond to increased refrigeration demands. TS-1000MT is powerful enough to maintain the desired temperature of refrigerated products transported in medium to large-size trucks and trailers. It’s the best choice for refrigerated vehicles that require fast recovery after multi-drop deliveries to different destinations (caterers, retail stores etc.)


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