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5 Sets of C-200T Small Van Chiller System For Sale

Jan  18,2021
Since the advent of temperature controlled systems for products, van chillers have been one of the main factors leading to the significant growth of chilled food industry, globally.
At the supermarket chain, chiller vans cut down dramatically on food waste. They are used for transporting food that needs to be chilled. The rapid expansion of retail food market has pushed the demand for refrigerated vehicles, so do the commercial vehicle refrigeration systems.

Aligning with the overall trend of cost-effective van chillers, Guchen Thermo has been designing and manufacturing affordable chilling system for fridge vans. C-200T is such an efficient van chiller system which has went through many times of cooling tests. It is with great chilling performance, and is on hot sale all over the world.

van chiller for sale

On 15th Dec., 2020, 5 sets of Guchen Thermo C-200T chiller units were well-packaged and ready for shipping to abroad.
Additional Information on our customer
Business: Fleet manager, in charge of chilled foods retailing for more than 10 years
Location: Europe
Temperature required: 5℃
Voltage: DC 24V
Vehicle model: Renault Doker van
Inquiry: would like to purchase rooftop van chiller units.


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