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Warmly Welcome to Guchen Thermo Distributors in South America

Sep  17,2016
On September 11, 2016, Guchen Thermo client Mr. Luis from South America came to visit our transport refrigeration units factory and established the co-partnership with Guchen Thermo.  

Mr. Luis as the local transport refrigeration system distributor in South America has 25 years’ experience in cold chain equipment. This time he came to China and visit Guchen Thermo factory for the distributor agreement.

Customer Name: Mr. Luis  

Area: South America

Experience: 25 years’ experience in transport refrigeration system

Order Products:
TR-350 truck refrigeration unit, TR-550 truck refrigeration unit and TS-1000 diesel engine transport refrigeration units

Quantity ordered:
50 sets totally

Transportation: by sea, 40 feet container

Feedback: Mr. Luis said he was very happy to visit us, and thanked for our warmly service. After visit the factory and production line, he trusts our product quality very much!

The internal materials of condensers are made of aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils, and evaporators are made of aluminum foils with internal ridge copper tube, which can help improve heat exchange by 30%!

guchen thermo TR-350 truck refrigeration units visiting in factory
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-350 truck refrigeration units visiting in factory

Why Mr. Luis Choose These 3 Models?

According with the local conditions and connect product characteristics, Mr. Luis choose these 3 models reason as the follow:

TR-350 truck refrigeration unit
: it is one of most popular units among Guchen Thermo units, not because of it can meet most of transporters cold chain demands, but also it has the best cost performance!

TR-550 truck refrigeration unit: it is very applied among Guchen Thermo units. Because the condenser can be under mounted or front mounted, which can help customers solve the problem that truck head is too high to install condenser front.

TS-1000 transport refrigeration unit: it as the diesel engine driven units has its own independent cooling system, not rely on truck engine for freezing. So the TS series are especially designed for long distance transportation. Customers don’t need to worry that truck may anchor on the half way and may spoil cargoes. 
It was because of the high product quality and best service that Mr. Luis decided to become cooperate with Guchen Thermo to sign the Distributor Agreement with us! 
Guchen Thermo also warmly welccome friends to join us and be our distributors, come to apply to distributors!

Mr. Luis sign truck refrigeration units distributor agreement with Guchen Thermo
PHOTO: Mr. Luis sign truck refrigeration units distributor agreement with Guchen Thermo


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