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Guchen Thermo 12 Volt Refrigeration Unit for Vans Export to Europe

Nov  22,2016
On October 31, 2016, Guchen Thermo exports TR-110D 12 volt refrigeration unit for vans are ready to deliver to a Food Company in the Eastern Europe. It is that Mr. Vasil Hila, who is from Albania, working in a Food Company in the local area that find Guchen Thermo and get interested in Guchen Thermo electric mode units.

Because of the first time cooperation, Mr. Vasil Hila decided to order one sample reefer units and test the units working performance. After install the units on the rooftop of his cargo vans, Mr. Vasil Hila send some feedback pictures to us, let's see it! Very beautiful cargo vans!

TR-110D Electric Refrigeration Unit for Reefer Van (12v)
PHOTO: Electric Refrigeration Units for Vans Photo from Mr. Vasil Hila 

Customer Name: Mr. Vasil Hila

Customer Company:
A Food Company

Export Place: Eastern Europe

Application: Apply for the cargo vans with 5 m³ van box to deliver fresh and chilled foods for a local hotel

Required Temp.: 4℃ to keep foods chilled.

TR-110D Electric Refrigeration Unit for Reefer Van (12v)

Product Characteristics:
Guchen Thermo TR-110D reefer units are rooftop mounted, designed for small cargo vans with 2-7m³ van bodies. It adopts R134A eco-friendly refrigerant, which is suitable for chiller units to keep temperature from -5℃ to 25℃. Besides that, one of the most popular features is that this unit is small and compressor is in the inner side of condenser, so it is warmly welcomed by small van owners.

Feedbacks: After one month, Mr. Vasil Hila installed the units and sends the installation photos to us. After test the product performance, he give the feedbacks to us that: it is so easy to me to install this small 12 volt refrigeration unit for my vans, only take me 1 hour to get the installation work done! Besides that, Mr. Vasil Hila is also satisfied with the units working performance, it is really can help him to keep foods fresh and not damage the foods because of too low temperature.

TR-110D Electric Refrigeration Unit for Reefer Van (12v)
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo Electric Refrigeration Unit for Reefer Van(12V) Evaporator(left) abd Condenser (right) 

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