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How to Best Understand Truck Refrigeration? Its Usage in Our Daily Life

Apr  07,2020
What is Truck Refrigeration?
What is a Reefer Truck?
What are the Benefits of Refrigerated Trucks?

Transport refrigeration can be classified into 3 kinds: air transport refrigeration, marine refrigeration, and road transport refrigeration. All of these three transport refrigeration contribute a lot to the whole cold chain. They use mechanical refrigeration system to handle and distribute cooled produce, to ensure the cooled cargo arrive at the destination at the required temperature. Road transport refrigeration began with ice before compressor-based refrigeration systems were available.
In the article, Guchen Thermo will define truck refrigeration, truck refrigeration system, its classification, its values in daily life etc.
what is truck refrigeration

What is Truck Refrigeration?

Truck refrigeration is the road transportation of perishable goods (such as frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, ice cream, wine) using refrigerated/reefer trucks with mechanical refrigeration systems, to maintain the chilled or frozen products at suitable conditions all the way to the point of sale. It is a vital part of road transport refrigeration.
Trucks are the main mode of road transport for refrigerated cargoes all around the world. Truck refrigeration plays an important role in refrigerated transport. It is becoming increasingly popular nowadays because of economy as well as reliability for refrigerated truck/trailer transport of chilled and frozen produce. Compared with van refrigeration, truck refrigeration is long-distance transport of produce.

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reefer truck refrigeration

What is a Reefer Truck?

A reefer truck is a truck that has an insulated container attached with efficient refrigeration unit built directly on the frame. It promotes the development of truck refrigeration globally, and pushes the improvement of road refrigeration transport in the world.
Reefer trucks promise temperature sensitive produces from spoiling during refrigerated freight. Different from reefer van, a reefer truck is usually a large truck with special design, to be used for longer distance refrigerated transport. The typical end-users of reefer trucks are logistic companies, retailers, and factories. Some of them own both refrigerated trucks and non-refrigerated ones.

What are the Benefits of Refrigerated Trucks?

We all know that the refrigerated trucks or reefer trucks can maintain a consistent temperature no matter how high or low the outside temperature is. However, what exactly are the benefits of refrigerated trucks? Guchen Thermo will detail its advantages below:

◆ Refrigerated truck offers transport business efficient solutions in cold chain
If you are in a business of transporting perishables, refrigerated trucks allows you control how your products are transported and handled, at what temperature, and delivering what produces (flowers, pharmaceuticals or foods). If you find that your need for a reefer mode transportation is becoming more common, then it’s time to have your own refrigerated truck for your transport business.
Refrigerated trucks offer versatility for various industries
◆ Refrigerated trucks offer versatility for various industries
According to the selected transport refrigeration systems, refrigerated trucks can delivery different products: both chilled and frozen ones. The temperature in refrigerated trucks can be manually controlled, which gives the driver full control of the thermostat, therefore it can be used to deliver multiple products in a variety of industries, such as health care industry, chemical industry, chilled and frozen food industry, beverage industry, plants/flowers industry, pharmaceutical etc.

◆ Refrigerated truck with electric standby refrigeration unit, better fuel efficiency
Some refrigerated trucks are equipped with integrated electric standby reefer unit, to a great extent, saving fuel costs. Guchen Thermo often receives such question on the message board: How can I save on fuel efficiency? The answer is running the reefer unit of your refrigerated truck on electrical standby. When the refrigerated truck is parked with the diesel engine off, the reefer unit is powered by electric standby power, not using the fuel from your truck. What’s more, the standby mode of refrigerated trucks maintains climate control over long distances.
Electric standby system offers the refrigerated trucks with dual benefits of economic and environmental savings, being one of the most popular and cost-effective truck refrigeration units in the world.
refrigerated truck with electrical standby unit


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