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Classification of Road Transport Refrigeration Equipment by Mode of Operation

Mar  02,2020
Transport refrigeration system is used to maintain a constant temperature for frozen and refrigerated goods. It exists across all our daily life, like road transport refrigeration (refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans), rail transport refrigeration (refrigerated containers, reefers), from freezing conditions through to hot summer days.
When it comes to the classification of road transport refrigeration equipment/system, we can classify it by mode of operation, by power source or by application. Today, in this article, Guchen Thermo will introduce 2 different operation modes: Single temperature road transport refrigeration unit, and Multi temperature one. 
 TS-1000 Single temp refrigeration unit
Single Temperature Road Transport Refrigeration Unit
The most common temperature-controlled road transport refrigeration units are single-temperature ones, where one temperature is achived and maintained inside the entire cargo container (truck trailer, delivery truck, delivery van etc.)
As a professional China manufacturer, Guchen Thermo exports Super Snow TS-1000 single temperature truck refrigeration units to truck factories in Thailand, Australia and Middle East every year. Guchen Thermo TS-1000 is highest-capacity single-temperature diesel-powered road transport refrigeration unit and helps to ensure that perishable food stays fresher, longer.
 Multi Temperature Road Transport Refrigeration System
Multi Temperature Road Transport Refrigeration System
TS-1000MT Multi-temperature units contribute greatly to improved logistics, because they allow companies or distribution industries to divide their trailers/trucks into several compartments (usually 2 or 3 compartments), each held to a precisely-controlled temperature. The 2/3 compartments are seperated by a movable partition.
 movable partition in a multi-temp road transport refrigeration unit
Multi-temperature road transport refrigeration systems allow operators to select optimum temperatures for both refrigerated and frozen products - all in a single container. The unique design and configuration of multi-temperature systems provides the operators with increased operational flexibility and a greater logistics capability.
Guchen Thermo Super Snow TS-1000MT multi-temperature road transport refrigeration unit meets a broad spectrum of transport needs for urban distribution fleets, due to more efficient space utilization and reduced road transportation requirements.
It's a perfect method to use Guchen Thermo' TS-1000MT unit to control temperature in a multi-zone transport. In the whole food delivery, Guchen Thermo TS-1000MT offers enhanced food safety by controlling temperature at the optimum level for a variety of products.
refrigerated trailer with multi-temp refrigeration system
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