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What Business Field of Truck Refrigeration Units Used for ?

Jul  23,2018

With the species of storage cargoes increasing, many of cargoes will be gone bad if not keep refrigerated temperature conditions when transportation. So the cold chain logistics emerge at the right moments. Lots of business field needs cold chain logistics to deliver to end users, such as medical field, beverages field, meat field, fast frozen food and dairy products field are more popular in cold chain logistics.

1.Medical Field

Medical cold chain logistics is that when medical manufacture and delivery, based on refrigeration technology and medical GMP and GSP management deliver medical under the low temperature, needs special device such as truck refrigeration or van refrigeration equipment. Generally to say, if it requires 2℃ to 8℃ low temperature transportation condition, it also belongs to medical cold chain logistics.

With the economy development in many of countries, the medical security promoted a lot. More and more countries focus on the medical cold chain logistics. Guchen Thermo as
truck reefer suppliers, can supply direct drive truck refrigeration condenser front mounted price list, for more please contact us!

2.Beverage Field

Beverages are more popular in hot summer! Especially in these years, the beverages kinds are increasing and it delivers to the customers hands more frequently. Keep the beverages safe and cool is important. Guchen Thermo can supply
integrated electric standby truck freezer units for this field, help reduce fuel consumption, keep beverages safe. Our truck freezer price are competitive compared with the same transport refrigeration.

3.Meat Field

Meat products, such as beef, fish, mutton, chicken and so on are more common in the ordinary family dining-tables. With the meat industry growing fast, the cold chain logistics for meat products are in needed. For the meat transportation, Guchen Therm
TR-550 truck freezer units especially designed for meat.

4.Fast Frozen Foods Field

Fast frozen foods make our life convenient. It is frozen fast under the temperature of -25℃ and needs -18℃ or less to store and transport. As for the fast frozen foods, it has a higher demands to transportation temperature, so the
truck refrigeration units should be high quality. Guchen Thermo TS series diesel engine truck freezer units and integrated electric standby truck refrigeration units are suitable for fast frozen food delivery.

5.Dairy Products Field

Most of people get used to drinking milk every day. So it needs fresh chiller delivery for milk products, especially at summer. If not transport in good conditions, it may result in lots of loss.
Cold chain transportation are the important part of cold chain logistics. With the development of countries, refrigeration technology is development too. Guchen Thermo as the
truck reefer supplier are devoted to china direct drive truck refrigeration unit and van refrigeration, supply competitive price to our customers.  


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