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3 Matters Should to Attention to when Use Truck Refrigeration Unit

Jul  24,2018

Truck refrigeration as the main part of refrigerated truck can keep the cargoes fresh. Users should pay attention to the maintenance of truck refrigeration system. We conclude into 3 matters that should to care when use the truck refrigeration. Let’s see the tips!

1.Truck Refrigeration should Match to the Right Truck Body Size

Usually, different brands of truck refrigeration also have the different models for different size of truck body. Large cooling capacity and airflow is used for the large truck body size. If the truck body size is not matched, it may result in the bad refrigerating effect. So if you think your truck refrigeration units not refrigerating well, please check whether the units’ cooling capacity is not enough.

Guchen Thermo TR-200 china truck refrigeration unit direct drive installation
Photo: Guchen Thermo TR-200
china truck refrigeration unit direct drive installation

2.Place Cargoes in Suitable Position

When you place cargoes, please do not make cargoes close to truck body platform floor, leave some space for the air flow in order to have a better refrigerating effect.

3.Clean and Disinfect Refrigerated Trucks

Not only for the food security, but also for a better refrigerating effect, clean and disinfect refrigerated trucks are very important. For example, milk, meat, butter, cream, fruits and vegetables are easy to absorb into strong smell, so if you before transport such as fish or other things that have a strong smell, please clean and disinfect trucks.

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