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Why is Your Truck Refrigeration Units Not Refrigerating Well with Time Going?

Dec  22,2016

When your refrigerated trucks are not refrigerating well, you may consider the following two reasons:

1.Refrigerant is not enough
With the time going, your truck refrigeration units may suffer a lot. For example, the spare parts in the truck refrigeration system may be flexible, which result in the refrigerant leaking out. Once the refrigerant is not enough, the cooling air may decrease.

Tips: if in this case, please check and maintain your truck refrigeration units regularly to avoid this problem.

2.Not cleaning your refrigerated truck bodies for a long time
Because of evaporator blower working, so if there is so much dust in the truck body, the dust will be inhaled into evaporator, which can prevent cool air. So years and years, the dust collects much and more in the evaporator and results in cold air not dispersing.



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