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What Advantages of Multi-temp Truck Refrigeration Unit Have?

Dec  22,2016

Refrigerated truck is mainly made up of chassis, refrigeration unit, refrigerated truck body, which are used for transporting frozen fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, frozen seafood and so on. It is usually for long-distance or short-distance transportation.

multi-temp truck refrigeration unit 

But with the marketing demands of cold-chain logistics and cold transportation, the transportation convenience and cost require a more advanced unit which is Multi-temperature Transport Refrigeration Unit.

1.Bring Transportation Convenience

Our units can realize that the two cargo areas are cooled by two evaporators separately, and users can set temperature on controller to control temperature on the two areas separately; so both fresh and frozen demands are available at each of the two areas, which make the temperature control for cargoes to be more precise and reasonable!

2.Save Transportation Time and Decrease Transport Cost

With Guchen multi-temp truck refrigeration units, users can transport fresh and frozen goods at one time, which can save transport time and decrease transport cost.
So as for the multi-temp truck refrigeration units, it integrates all of the usage of refrigerated trucks and purpose for helping users to save transportation cost, avoiding recourse waste and bringing transport convenience.


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