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Truck Refrigeration for Sale to Turkey Market

Jun  07,2018

Brief Introduction of Turkey and Great Chance of Truck Refrigeration in Turkey Market

Turkey is a country stretch across Europe and Asia, border on Syria and Iraq in southeast, bounded by Greece and Bulgaria in west and neighbour on Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran in east. Turkey’s largest city is Istanbul while the capital is Ankara. As for the climate, it belongs to mediterranean climate, with the characters of dry and hot in summer.

As for the agricultural, Turkey is one of country in the world that can be self-sufficiency not relying on import agricultural products and surplus agricultural products export to other countries. Ranked as the fourth place of fresh fruits and vegetables manufacturing country, the fresh food delivery business is very popular and necessary activity in Turkey. Almost all of fresh products need to be delivered with temperature controlled system, or to say
transport refrigeration.

guchen thermo TR-450 truck refrigeration units installation
Photo: Guchen Thermo
 TR-450 truck refrigeration unit for ambient temperature manufacturers

Export Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration to Turkey Market

In the conditions, there are different brands of
truck refrigeration among Turkey market, except the local brands, such as SAFKAR, SUTRAK, and YILMAZ, outside brands such as Thermo King, Carrier Transicold, Zanotti and Hwasung Thermo is also the main brands in the Turkey market. According to Guchen Thermo sales manager’s marketing study and visit some of our customers factory in Turkey, conclude into customers’ advice and connect with market condition, Guchen Thermo discuss with our products engineer and improve our truck refrigeration again and again to meet the local customers demands, we make sure that our brand will also get the market appreciation and acception.

TR-450 Truck Refrigeration for Sale to Turkey Market
Photo: Guchen Thermo
China Truck Cooling System (TR-450 Truck Refrigeration Installation)

Customers Feedback on Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration

According to our customers’ feedback from Turkey,
TR-450 truck refrigeration for sale to Turkey bring our customers a high quality and wonderful frozen transport experience! Except the TR-350 mitsubishi refrigeration unit, Guchen Thermo TR-450 is also a hot model among our customers. Turkey as one of the high ambient temperate areas in the world, ambient temperature is up to 50℃+ in the hot summer! So the quality of truck refrigeration must be high and high temp resisting.

In fact, most of Guchen Thermo
vehicle refrigeration units has equipped with CPR valve and liquid injection device, these two devices can protect truck refrigeration from the high temperature. According to our customers truck body size, Guchen Thermo as truck refrigeration unit for ambient temperature manufacturers, recommend different models of truck refrigeration model for customers demands. Besides the traditional truck refrigeration, Guchen Thermo also offer diesel engine driven truck refrigeration and environmental friendly truck refrigeration unit.

Customers Feedback on Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration
Photo: TR-450 Truck Refrigeration for Sale to Turkey Market

To be Guchen Thermo Distributors

We have to say, distributors make business more convenient and quickly, bring the end-users in local areas more pleasant and completed after sales service. Of course, distributors can also establish their own business in their country. Hostelry, we are looking for distributors in Turkey, if you are working in the field of the following business:
1.Truck body builders and factory
2.HVAC installation and repair
3.Other brands of truck refrigeration and van refrigeration
4.Cold chain logistics or fresh frozen transportation companies
5.Food factories

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