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How to Adjust the Temperature of the Refrigerator Car

Jun  11,2018

1. Cars should be kept clean and sanitary
Food transportation needs to be kept clean. Guchen Thermo, a transport refrigeration systems supplier,  pointed out that if salt, fat, etc. adhere to the inner wall or door edge of the compartment, it will not only cause pollution but also erode the compartment and shorten the service life of the small refrigerator. 

2. Pay special attention when loading and unloading fruits and vegetables
Because of the heat of respiration produced by goods such as fruits and vegetables, if the circulation of cool air is not smooth, the temperature in the middle part of the compartment will rise. This affects the quality of the goods. Guchen Thermo pointed out that goods that are closer to the cold air exit are prone to frostbite due to cold air, and can be covered with a cover cloth beforehand for protection.

3. The loading of the goods should be carried out quickly
When the cold door is open, the outside air will flow in and the temperature inside the cabin will rise. Guchen Thermo pointed out that the loading and unloading of goods should be carried out quickly to reduce the increase in the temperature inside the car, and at the same time stop the operation of the refrigeration unit during cargo handling.

As the biggest energy saving truck refrigeration unit manufacturer in China, Guchen Thermo manufacture all kinds of truck refrigeration system, apply for small to big truck. We have the engine driven truck chiller units, for example the TR-350 truck unit, TR-550 truck refrigeration equipment, and electric powered transport reefer units, for example the TR-110D electric chiller units and TRF-110D electric freezer units. The temperature of these units are from -30℃ to +30℃, so they can meet your needs for your fresh, frozen or deep frozen transport. 

4. To ensure the smooth circulation of cold air when loading and unloading cargo
In order to maintain a uniform temperature of the goods in the compartment, it is necessary to pay attention to the circulation of the cold air when stacking the goods. Guchen Thermo pointed out that, in particular, it is not possible to pile cargo to the roof.

5. Goods should be pre-cooled before loading and transportation
Truck refrigeration units are usually used to keep the goods at a suitable temperature during transportation. Please pre-cool the goods and cars to a suitable transport temperature.


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