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How to Know If You Should Replace Your Refrigeration Units ?

Jul  03,2017

If you've noticed your truck or van refrigeration units is producing condensation, failing to maintain a temperature as the original, or having other issues, try to determine the cause of the problem. Some issues, such as excessive heat or noise, should be addressed by a qualified transport refrigeration units repairing technician. And if the costs of repairing the older truck or van refrigeration units are high, it is time to consider replacing it and installing a new truck freezer units or van chiller units. And now the newer transport refrigeration systems are generally environmentally and financially advantageous, as they require less energy to operate.

Method 1 Replacing Old or Inefficient transport refrigeration units

①Replace a truck or van refrigeration units that would require expensive repairs.

As a rule of thumb, if repair costs are 50% or more of the cost of a new truck freezer units or van chiller units, you should buy a new transport refrigeration units. There are two main reasons to do so. First, as transport refrigeration units age, they will need more and more repairs. Second, replacing an older truck or van refrigeration units will give you the opportunity to get a more efficient model that will reduce your energy costs.

②Lean towards repairs on younger transport refrigeration systems.

Different types of transport refrigeration systems are more prone to needing repairs and have varied overall lifespans. So you should consider it comprehensively. In general, any transport refrigeration units that is only a year or two old is worth repairing.

③Default to repairs depending on the type of the transport refrigeration units for vans and trucks.

For instance, the varied types of compressors, condensers and other parts in transport refrigeration systems determine the service life of truck freezer units and van chiller units.

④Retire transport refrigeration units older than the expected lifetime.

If the transport refrigeration systems uses more than the expected lifetime and has begun to have issues, it’s simply time for a replacement. Not only will repairs on older models be more expensive, the truck or van refrigeration units will likely need additional repairs sooner than later, and a newer model will be more energy efficient.

⑤Consider enlarging temperature range of the transport refrigeration units.

If you find the truck or van refrigeration unit you are using now only to deliver chiller goods, but you want to transport deep frozen goods, it necessary to replace it.

Method 2 Knowing When to Consult a Pro

①Have a pro look at a noisy transport refrigeration systems.

Transport refrigeration units need to work all the time to keep the temperature of truck or van boxes inside constantly. If you find the transport refrigeration units grow louder than usual, you should ask a professional staff for consultation.

②Feel the air behind the transport refrigeration units.

If you feel excessive heat coming from your refrigeration units for vans and trucks, you should have a transport refrigeration units repairing professional come to take a look at it.

③Pay attention to the temperature of the van or truck bodies inside.

If you notice the foods you deliver and the cargoes you transport going bad or more quickly than expected, or that you have to keep turning the transport refrigeration units’ thermometer down to keep goods cool, your transport refrigeration systems has probably become less efficient.

Whenever you notice your transport refrigeration units is not working as well as it used to, have it looked it by a professional. For instance, a chiller units that's running too cold is also an issue.

Even if it is still working, the refrigeration units for vans and trucks may be using more energy than it should, which will increase your energy costs.

So if you do not know whether it is time to replace your transport refrigeration units, or have some troubles in replacing the refrigeration units for vans and trucks, or want to buy a new truck freezer units and van chiller units, you can contact Guchen Thermo !


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