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How Should We Use Refrigerator Car Efficiently ?

Jul  05,2017

In recent years, cold-chain logistics have been developed rapidly, which also make refrigerator car to a new level. While the biggest difficulty for a transporter is transport refrigeration systems can not refrigerate effectively and the temperature of the truck bodies inside are unable to achieve the anticipated effect. So how should we use the refrigerator car correctly and efficiently? And how to reduce even avoid the damage due to the transport refrigeration units’ misuse ? Now Guchen Thermo will give you the best professional suggestions.  

Step 1: Pre-cooling the truck bodies
Before loading the goods, you should precool the truck bodies for ejecting the heat to guarantee the quality of the goods. (Notes: the temperature that precooled should in accordance with the goods temperature)

Step 2: Defrosting manually when precool the truck bodies
If the temperature that the cargoes you transport requires lower than 5℃, then you should have a defrost manually when precool the truck bodies to remove the frost that collected in the evaporator coils. In this way can improve the cooling effect and speed up the precooling. 

transport refrigeration units installed on a truck

Step 3: Check the goods’ temperature before loading them 
Transport refrigeration units just play the role of maintaining the temperature of goods. If using its limited cooling capacity to lower the temperature of goods is not only hard to do that, but also will consume a lot of energy. 

Step 4: Packing the goods correctly
Fresh goods and frozen goods have different requirements to package, like fresh goods have a demand of ventilating. So you can’t pack the fresh goods with plastics for it impedes the air circulation of the goods. Thus you should pack these fresh goods in cartons to guarantee the air circulation.

Step 5: Different goods should be transported separately
Different goods have various demands to temperature, like fried goods and chilled products, so you can not transport them into one truck body. You should divide the truck bodies into independent boxes and loading the goods accordingly. 

Step 6: Loading the cargoes in closed platform
Loading the cargoes in closed platform quickly which reduce and avoid the goods exposing in the external environment and result in cold-chain breakage.

Step 7: Leaving enough space to allow the cold air circulates
You should make sure there are enough space between goods and the inner wall of truck bodies to let the cold air flows. Only when the cold air can pass every corner of the goods, the goods will not go bad because of the rising temperature partly. 

GuchenThermo tr300 truck refrigeration units
PHOTO: The condenser and evaporator of Guchen Thermo TR-300 truck refrigeration units and TR-300 truck cooling system install on a truck

Step 8: Adopting air-return temperature control when transporting frozen goods

Step 9: Switching to air-supply temperature control when delivering fresh goods
In this way can protect the fresh goods from frost damage.

Step 10: After loading the goods, defrosting manually once again
After finished the loading, you should close the door and turn on the truck cooling system and defrost manually after half an hour or so. This way can remove the heat air that entered during loading the goods, and let evaporator maximize its function to guarantee the quality and safety of goods.

Step 11: Turning off truck refrigeration units first and then open the door
Before open the door, truck refrigeration units must be turn off. Or it will take in a large quantity of hot air and cause the temperature of body inside rising and the coils frost, which will make hard to the following refrigeration and waste energy as well.

Step 12: Cleaning the truck bodies and truck cooling system regularly
Cleaning the truck bodies and truck cooling system regularly can prevent the goods from dirty and protect the evaporator in the transport refrigeration units from blocking, which can ensure the refrigeration effect and guarantee the safety of the goods. 

evaporator in transport refrigeration units
PHOTO: The evaporator in the transport refrigeration units 

And if you have any questions about how to use tranpost refrigeration units efficiently or have difficulties in truck refrigeration units, you can also contact us !



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