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Routine Maintenance of Transport Refrigeration Units

Jul  21,2017

Love is something fragile like crystal that requires time, energy and brave to protect carefully. Also the transport refrigeration units that install on a refrigerator car need regular and careful upkeep. Only in this way can longer the service time of our
transport refrigeration systems and make transport refrigeration units work better. And today Guchen Thermo professional technician will offer you some suggestions about the maintenance of transport refrigeration systems which mainly from following three parts. Okay let us see the details now ! 

Part 1: In adding machine oil to the transport refrigeration units

①Connecting the oil pipe end to the compressor oil charge valve and open the valve lightly. While another oil pipe end can insert the machine oil barrel And by using the pressure in transport refrigeration systems can exhaust the air in the oil pipe. 

②Turning down the refrigerant valve appropriately and adjusting the alarm settings of low inspiratory pressure for fear that the refrigerator car have to stop because the pressure is too low.

③If the inlet pressure below atmospheric pressure, open the valve, the oil would into the compressor in transport refrigeration units automatically.

C-300t van reefer units
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo C-300T van reefer units, the first photo is evaporator and the second is condenser

Part 2: In supplementing refrigerant to the transport refrigeration systems

①Connecting the refrigerant tube to the mouth where refrigerant adding of transport refrigeration systems, and another end connects to the bottle that filled with freon. Also this process can drive the air in the tube away during adding refrigerant to the transport refrigeration units.

②Opening the valve of freon bottles first. After confirming there is no leakage, then open the adding refrigerant valve in truck freezer units.

③Adding R23 refrigerant, should keep the bottle facing up, while R404 refrigerant should down, which guarantee add refrigerant quickly.

④After finishing the refrigerant adding, you should close the valve of freon bottle first and then turn off the valve of adding freon mouth in transport refrigeration systems.

Part 3: In discharging the air in the transport refrigeration units

①Carrying out the process should be careful, do not open the plug widely, also you can not far away this spot.  

②It better to conduct this process in several times. Please not discharge air too much at one time for this way can probably let excessive refrigerant quantity out. 

Guchen Thermo C-300T Van Chiller Units is driven by vehicle engine and have one more fan compared with C-200T Van Chiller Units in its evaporator and condenser respectively. With R134a Eco-friendly refrigerant, the temperature of C-300T van chiller units ranges from -5℃ to +30℃, which are very convenient for greengrocer distributor with 10 -18m³ medium or big van boxes to deliver fresh or chilled cargoes.

c-300t van reefer units
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo C-300T Van Reefer Units install on a 15m³ cargo vans which used for delivering fresh fruits and vegetables.
Guchen Thermo TR-300T Freezer Units for vans also is driven by vehicle engine and adopt rooftop mounted way. With R404a refrigerant, this van reefer units cooling capacity can up to 3010W, which will keep temperature in box at -20℃ to 30℃ to transport chilled or deep frozen foods. Also we can supply standby system for customers, which can help customers save lots of fuel and cooling system still works even the engine is off.

TR-300T Frezzer Units for Vans
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-300T Freezer Units for Vans 


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