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How to Drive Refrigerator Car More Safely in Summer?

Jul  24,2017

Summer, the highest warmest season of the year, brings a lot of inconvenience for the people who drive refrigerator car equip with transport refrigeration units to deliver fresh and frozen cargoes. In summer, people always feel sleepy and without energy for its high ambient temperature, which also brings hidden troubles for traffic safety. Because if the driver feel sleepy during driving refrigerator car that install on a transport refrigerating system, it may lead to poor judgment, slow response, and operational errors. So how to reduce and even avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon? Today Guchen Thermo will give you some suggestions. Now let us see this case in details.  

Tips 1: Open the window
If the weather is cool and the air is good, then open the window and breathe the fresh air for the natural wind make you feel refreshing. 

Tip 2: Take a break
If you transport goods in long-time and long-distance, its better to take a break, but no more than 30 minutes to avoid getting into deeper stages of sleep. If you do, you will find it is harder to wake and may experience the groggy feeling for a while, which is more dangerous to drive a car in fatigue.

Tip 3:Adjust the seat
Keeping a sitting position for a long time is easy to let driver feel relaxed. So at this time, of course under the condition that without affecting the sight, you can adjust the seat which you probably feel energetic for a different position.

Tip 4: Chew sugarless gum
Chewing gum keeps the facial muscles moving and stimulates nerves. And it's best to choose sugar-free and mint - type gum for sugar can cause blood sugar rise and lead to drowsiness.

Tip 5: Stock wet wipes in cars
After wiping the face, neck and ears with a wet wipes or wet towel, the cool feeling can stimulate you and make you feel vigorous.

Tip 6:Internal and external circulation of air conditioning system alternatively
Setting internal circulation mode for a long time will increase the carbon dioxide content of car inside and the oxygen content will decrease accordingly. While the brain will also feel terrible under a oxygen-starved condition. So do not keep internal calculation of air conditioning system all the time, and use external circulation alternatively.
And lastly, if you have any other good advice in reducing traffic accidents in summer, please contact Guchen Thermo and we will introduce it to more people ! 

Guchen Thermo TR-350 truck freezer units are driven by vehicle engine and adopt front mounted way, which apply for 15 ~ 25m³ small and medium sized refrigerated truck bodies. With R404a Eco-friendly refrigerant, this reefer units for trucks can offer the big cooling capacity up to 3815W, and keep refrigerated truck bodies temperature range from -30 ℃ to + 30 ℃ for transporting fresh or deep frozen cargoes. 

truck freezer units install on a truck
PHOTO: In the first photo is the evaporator of Guchen Thermo TR-350 Truck Freezer Units. And the second photo shows that TR-350 truck freezer units controller panel is -20.5℃, which can be used for transport frozen or deep frozen cargos. And from the third photo, you can see TR-350 condenser of reefer units for trucks mounted on the front of mitsubish fuso truck.


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