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Recommend Models of Truck Refrigeration for Small Trucks or Pickup Trucks?

Aug  02,2018

Small refrigerated trucks have many advantages, and are popular among transporters. For example: small refrigerated trucks are easy to control, high work efficiency, large transportation capacity and low transport cost. Also, small or mini refrigerated trucks can run in city clearly, because most of small refrigerated trucks are not forbidden by the city traffic restriction.

Recommend Models of Truck Refrigeration for Small Trucks or Pickup Trucks

Consideration of popularity of small trucks or small pickup trucks, we designed our
C-200 truck chiller units used for 2-10m³ truck body and TR-200 truck freezer units used for 6-15m³ truck body. These two models are more popular and can meet most of cargoes fresh transport demands. Both of the two models have CPR valve and liquid injection device to protect compressors from high temperature damage, increase truck refrigeration units service life. We also have truck refrigeration unit with standby electric motor price list is competitive for customers. Competitive truck refrigeration system price and high quality, working well in 50℃+ high ambient temperature!
refrigeration unit for small trucks
For -5℃ to +25℃ chiller transport, recommend to C-200 truck chiller units

For -30℃ to +25℃ frozen or deep frozen transport, recommend to TR-200 models of
truck freezer units.

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truck freezer manufacturers founded in year of 1996, export bus air conditioners and truck refrigeration units from China. With the able and strong factory support, we can offer our customers high quality and competitive price.

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