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Do I need Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration Units?

Aug  16,2018
Truck refrigeration electric standby system is the second refrigerating power source, used for refrigerating cargoes when truck engine is not working to avoid emergency occurred and damage fresh cargoes, also can be as the temporary cold room when drivers need to relax at night.

Guchen Thermo as the leading direct drive truck refrigeration unit suppliers can supply two kinds of truck refrigeration standby system: integrated electric standby truck refrigeration and split electric standby truck refrigeration, with the updated electric standby system occurs, our integrated electric standby system are more popular in the market, and it has lots of advantages that split standby truck refrigeration units have.

let’s see the details of integrated electric standby truck refrigeration:

Type  Integrated Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration
 Driven Type  Vehicle engine
 Standby Installation  Install in the inner side of condenser
 Standby external power source  AC 220V or AC 380V
Advantages  1. Very easy to install, less wires connect;
 2. Small in size, light in weight, beautiful appearance;
 3. Low failure rate, working reliable
 4. Low noise,low powered consumption
 5. Long service life, easy to maintain
 6. Suitable for all kinds of road conditions
 Electric Standby Compressor  Scroll electric compressor
 Models  TR-350S, TR-450S, TR-550S, TR-760S, apply for 18- 40m³ truck body, -30℃ to +30℃
 Application  As a temporary cold room, suitable for long distance temperature controlled transportation, or use for deal with emergency on the road to keep cargoes safe.

Electric standby truck refrigeration units working principle

Connect the standby system with external power source (AC 220V or AC380V), then it will run independent compressor and offer circle refrigerant working not relying on truck engine. So it is more suitable for the long distance cold chain transportation to deal with the emergency occurs on the half way. Also, drivers can use it as cold room to keep cargoes fresh when at night to relax, which help to save a lot fuel consumption.


Why so many customers choose Guchen Thermo integrated electric standby truck refrigeration units?

1.Equip with electric standby system can help save more fuel;
2.More reliable working performance;
3.Competitive price on the market on Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration with standby electricity quotation;

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