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Notes in Cleaning Refrigerated Trucks

Jul  17,2017

Currently the refrigerator car, equipped with transport refrigeration units, play an important part in cold-chain logistics. And the goods they delivered are closely related with people’s life. So considering the health and safety, we should clear the refrigerated trucks with
transport refrigeration units regularly. While during cleaning the refrigerator car with truck freezer units, we also meet the problems that we can’t clean the refrigerator car up. Thus what matters we should pay attention to? 

Firstly, controlling the cleaning time
Generally speaking, it is easy and convenient to clean after unloading the goods completely for the car is empty at that time. Also it is better to clean the refrigerator car with truck reefer units as soon as possible after use the refrigerated trucks. Or the remained stain would become more difficult to remove it.

Secondly, the selection of cleaning tools
As we all know, the bodies of refrigerated truck are clean, smooth and glossy. So it is very particular is choosing the cleaning tools. We can’t use the tools that will scratch the refrigerated truck bodies with reefer units for trucks or cause other damages. In this way, the soft materials and non-corrosive detergent are the best choice. So it is necessary to prepare them in the car and you can clean the dirty immediately.

tr-550 truck freezer units
PHOTO: TR-550 truck reefer units install on the Foton and big pickup trucks

Thirdly, the processing work after cleaning 
It is also critical at the ending of cleaning for you can not leave the dropsy and footprints in the refrigerator car with truck reefer units. Especially in the interlayer of the refrigerator car, the dropsy may cause deformation and corrosion of the refrigerated truck bodies. So after cleaning, you should open the door until the bodies dry in the air. 

Now Guchen Thermo TR-550 transport refrigeration units are being sold. This truck freezer units driven by vehicle engine, which are greatly suitable for medium or big refrigerated trucks with 20~30 m³ or 5.1 meter length truck bodies. And this reefer units for trucks’ cooling capacity can up to 5800W so that it can keep temperature of the truck bodies from -18℃ to +30℃. So it is greatly economical and practical to deliver fresh, frozen or deep frozen foods.

tr-550 truck reefer units and the photo of install on a truck
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-550 Truck Reefer Units Condenser and Evaporator and install on a Foton truck 


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