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How to Set the Temperature of Refrigerator Car in Summer

Jul  14,2017

In the world of today, refrigerator car play a important role to transport the meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, medicines, flowers, seafood and other frozen goods. And then there are more and more greengrocery, distributor, wholesaler and other transporters purchase transport refrigeration units to install on their vehicles. And many customers will contact Guchen Thermo and ask how to set the temperature of refrigerator car that equipped with truck refrigeration units in summer. And today Guchen Thermo will give some suggestions according to the questions that our customer often asked. 

Tip 1: Confirming the temperature of goods and truck bodies inside 
Truck refrigeration units can only play the role of maintaining the temperature of goods. So if you want to cool the goods with its limited cooling capacity, it is hard to do it and will waste a lot of energy as well. And probably you need to remove, load and unload the goods frequently, so the door would be open often. So when you set the temperature, it is necessary to lower the temperature a bit than usual to guarantee the quality of products.

Tip 2: The setting mode of freezer unit for trucks
When transporting frozen cargoes, you should choose automatic start-stop mode, while fresh goods need to set up continuous operation mode for the fresh goods generally have a spontaneous heat. Under automatic start-stop mode, the operation time of engine only takes up 30 to 40% of the total time, which can save fuel greatly.

truck refrigeration units install on  a truck

Notes: Do not load the frozen goods and fresh goods into the same body

Tip 3: Different ways of temperature control to different types of goods
Adopting air-return temperature control when transporting frozen goods, while it should switch to air-supply temperature control when delivering fresh goods, which protect the fresh goods from frost damage.

Tip 4: Different goods have different requirements towards temperature
The best temperature to transport fresh fish is -3℃and the fresh milk is 2℃-4℃; The meat can be preserved for a week at the temperature 2℃-5℃; bottled and cask beer should store at 0℃-5℃.
Now Guchen Thermo TR-200 pickup truck refrigeration units is hot sale now. This truck refrigeration units is designed for 2-15m³ sizes bodies. And with R404a refrigerant, its cooling capacity can up to 2.2KW. So even in the high ambient temperature environment or open door constantly, the units can support the strong cooling effect, which are especially convenient for pickup truck users to deliver chilled or deep frozen cargoes.

TR-200 freezer unit for trucks  
PHOTO: TR-200 freezer units install on a truck, and the second photo is evaporator in truck refrigeration units and the third one is controller panel which shows -18℃.

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