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How to transport frozen meat in Summer with transport refrigeration units?

May  10,2018

Some of drivers may be confused of the temperature that meat need when transportation, even some of drivers have the wrong perceive, think that the lower temperature and the better. In fact,
direct drive truck refrigeration unit can only keep the cargoes temperate, not change.

One of our customers say that, “ I want a refrigerated trucks that the
direct drive truck refrigeration unit cooling speed fast, truck body has a better seal, so that I cannot smell the cargoes in truck cabin!” After communication we know that, this customer think that it is short distance transportation, so he doesn’t make acid discharge to the meat. Although he is already pre-cool and even the temperature is down to -10℃, he upload the fresh and not acid meat.

That is because non acid discharged meat with its own heat upload into very low temperature refrigerated truck body, which make the fresh meat frosting, the inner side of meat has heat and cannot be discharged. With the time by, the refrigerated truck body temperate begins to increase, then result in meat going bad and decay.

As for the
meat transport refrigeration units, we recommend to Guchen Thermo TR-550 transport refrigeration unit, large cooling capacity, fast cooling speed, 3 evaporator fans, small and thin in truck body, save more space to upload more frozen meat. And customers can equipped with meat hook in the truck body. Guchen Thermo as the energy saving truck refrigeration units suppliers can ensure that the high quality and low price of TR-550 direct drive truck refrigeration units.

Guchen Thermo TR-550 direct drive truck refrigeration units for meat transportation
Photo: Guchen Thermo TR-550
direct drive truck refrigeration units for meat transportation

In a conclusion, please do note that: before upload the fresh meat to refrigerated truck body, first to make acid discharge to meat. Also, the keep the truck body clean and defrost before uploading.

Guchen Thermo as the
transport refrigeration units manufacturer and supplier in China always give the best high quality truck refrigeration and van refrigeration, share smart tips for cold chain transport business.


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