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How to Maintain Your Vehicle Refrigeration Units Daily?

Dec  21,2017

Maintain your vehicle refrigeration units daily and regularly can keep the
truck refrigeration units or van reefer units work well, increase its working life and decrease transport fault. Usually to say, the maintenance included into current maintenance and periodic repair. Now let’s see how to do these steps.  

1.Change lubricating oil
After long time working, the lubricating oil will go worse, and more moister and impurities integrating into oil, so it is necessary to check oil, once find oil going worse, please change it in time in order to keep your
freezer for trucks have a best working performance.

2.Change dry filter
Dry filter is one of the important part in
truck refrigeration units to keep refrigerant cyclic normally. Water and refrigerant cannot be permeated each other, if there is water into refrigerating system, it will decrease vehicle refrigeration units working efficiency, so it is important to keep it dry and change filter element for the dry filter.

3.Check safety valve
Condenser and evaporator belong to pressure vessel, and all of Guchen Thermo
truck refrigeration units and van refrigeration units have safety valve device, once the units work abnormally, it will decompress automatically in case of the high pressure harm to people.

4.Clean condenser
If more and more incrustation attach to the condenser cooling water pipe, it will impact heat transfer. So please clean cooling water pipe (wipe out incrustation or other dirt ) at one time per year to keep your
vehicle refrigeration units working well.

5.Refill refrigerant
After maintenance or misuse of
truck refrigeration units, there may some of refrigerant leak out, so users need to refill refrigerant and the refrigerant should be same to the before.

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