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How to Defrost for your Refrigerated Trucks?

Dec  22,2017
Many truck drivers may meet the situation that the evaporator frosting and increase the refrigerating effect a lot. So how to defrost for refrigerated truck? In the traditional way, people use the following two ways to defrost:

1.Stop truck to defrost, that is to say, stop compressor working, and then open refrigerated truck bodies, when the temperature rises, the frost may melt, and then start compressor to work again. But in this time, it may waste time.

2.Hot water to defrost, that is to say, after truck stop, remove all cargoes, and use the hot water to wash frost in the
evaporator. In this way, not only can defrost, but also can clean the evaporator pipe dirt to increase refrigerating effect.

3.Hot air to defrost. This is the best way to defrost in the current refrigeration industry. Drivers only need to turn on defrosting solenoid valve, then the frost will melt. In this way has the advantages of better defrost, quick defrost and convenience(low labour intensity ).

We recommend the third defrosting method. It is a more convenient and efficient way compared with other 2 ways. All of
Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration system have the automatic defrosting device. It has simple structure and defrost thoroughly. By adding a defrosting temperature sensor in refrigerating system low pressure pipe, set the suitable defrosting temperature, and then it will defrost automatically, keep the temperature in truck bodies. So if you are looking for high quality and high cost performance truck refrigeration units, we warmly welcome you to contact us. The most hot-selling truck reefer units as the following:

 TR-350 Transport Refrigeration Unit
TR-350 Transport Refrigeration Unit

▲ TR-550 Box Truck Reefer Unit
Box Truck Reefer Unit

▲ TR-650 Refrigeration Units for Trucks

▲ TS-1000 Singe Temperature Truck Refrigeration Units
single temperature refrigeration unit

▲ TS-1200 Diesel Truck Reefer Unit
refrigeration unit manufacturer


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