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GST-2100 Trailer Refrigeration Units

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 Introducing the GST-2100 semi-trailer refrigeration units

The GST-2100 diesel refrigeration units can be used for 80~115m³ trailer bodies. Ultra-efficient with a 6300m3/h airflow and R404A refrigerant, it guarantees top-tier refrigeration. They feature an intelligent control system for precise temperature management and an optimized air duct system for even air distribution. Upgrade your reefer trailer's cooling with the GST-2100 for an unparalleled transport refrigeration solution.

You may also have an interest in the following models of GST series trailer refrigeration systems:

● GST-2000 Diesel Engine Trailer Refrigeration Units (for 75~ 105m³ trailer box, cooling capacity: 0℃/18100W, -20℃/9600W ) 


GST-2100 trailer refrigeration units Features

● Using electronic expansion valve and electronic suction pressure regulator, cooling faster, more accurate temp. control
● Direct drive, high transmission efficiency, permanent magnet generator is stable and reliable.
● High efficiency engine, more energy saving and environmental protection, can start and operate at an altitude of 4500m
● Intelligent control system, precise temperature control, more convenient control.
● Optimized air duct system, to achieve a distance above 13 meters uniform air supply, temperature is more uniform.
● Multi-system protection measures and alarm reminding, fault inquiry and diagnosis, to ensure safe operation.
● 3000 hours long cycle maintenance interval, more time saving, more saving operation and maintenance costs.
● Optional remote monitoring system, anytime and anywhere to check and control unit operation.



Technical Data:


GST-2100 Trailer Refrigeration Technical Data

 Model          GST-2000
Box Min. temp 80~ 115
Cooling capacity 0℃/20800W, -20℃/1100 0W
Evaporator airflow volume 6300m3/ h
Refrigerant R404A/ 7.0kg
Compressor and displacement 6TFRY  715cc
Defrost Auto. defrost (hot gas defrost) and manual peremptory defrost
Oil capacity 14.6L, maintenance period 3000 hours
Unit Voltage DC12V
Optional fuel heater, fuel level sensor, remote data logging, long-range


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