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TS-800 Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Malaysia Cold Chain Transport Company

Nov  03,2017

Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Viet Nam, Singapore and so on are developed in cold chain transmigration field this years fast and especially the large refrigerated truck transportation are popular in the cold chain transport company. So Guchen Thermo TR-550 truck refrigeration units, TR-650 truck reefer units and TS series diesel engine transport refrigeration units have a great market prospect in the Southeast Asia market. We have already exported our transport refrigeration units to the Philippines, Thailand and Bangladesh.

The Popular Medels of Guchen Thermo Transport Refrigeration Units in Malaysia 

Recently, our customers, Mr.Kevin from Malaysia, purchased
Guchen Thermo TS-800 truck refrigeration unit. Mr. Kevinis are in the business of cold chain transportation in Malaysia, this time, he wants to purchase a parcel of diesel engine transport refrigeration units for their company. After knowing Guchen Thermo TS-800 and TS-1000 models of units, plus compared with Carrier Supra-750 and Carrier Supra-850 and considered the high price of Carrier, Mr. Kevinis finally decided to choose Guchen Thermo units. Not because of the high quality and high cost performance make Mr. Kevinis satisfied, but also the perfect after sales service give Mr. Kevinis a pleasant experience.

After one month use, Mr. Kevinis feedback that the
TS-800 truck refrigeration units and TS-1000 truck reefer units in Malaysia are very great working on the road, it reduce temperature fast, has a beautiful appearance and have a large cooling capacity to keep cargoes safe. Besides that, standby system really help to save a lot fuel consumption compared with the traditional units.

TS-800 Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Malaysia Cold Chain Transport Company
Photo: Guchen Thermo TS-800 Truck Reefer Units Malaysia Installation

On the basement of this satisfied purchasing experience in Guchen Thermo Company, Mr. Kevinis interested in the second cooperation with Guchen Thermo, to try other models such as TR-650 truck refrigeration units.  


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