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Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Russia

Dec  16,2017

Guchen Thermo’s business are more and more large, customers are from all over the world. Russia customers are one of Guchen Thermo important clients, and our sales manager has gone to Russia to visit our potential clients, they are included into vehicle refitting factory, truck body builders and Thermo King, Carrier and Hwasung Thermo. These three brands are famous in Russia
transport refrigeration units marketing.

After Guchen Thermo teams goes to Russia, and the local clients knows well on Guchen Thermo units. They show their interest in Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units to Russia market, not because of the high quality but also the high cost performance. At the end of year 2016, Mr. Kolevatov, a manager, works in the frozen transport company ordered 10 sets of truck refrigeration units to Russia. He ordered:

▲ 4 sets of
TR-450 truck refrigeration units
▲ 3 sets of TR-550 truck refrigeration units
▲ 3 sets of TR-650 truck refrigeration units

After installation and transport refrigeration units working for several days, Mr. Kolevatov feedback that in the performance, there is no difference in quality between Carrier and Guchen Thermo units, but guchen thermo’s price is lower than Carrier. He ordered these units to install on their new trucks. Mr. Kolevatov also shows his interest in being Guchen Thermo distributor to sell truck refrigeration units in Russia. Of course, we will be warmly welcomed distributors and our sales manager is still negotiated with Mr.Kolevatov.  

guchen thermo TR-450 truck refrigeration units export to Russia
Photo: Guchen Thermo TR-450 Truck Refrigeration Units Installation to Russia

This year will be end, and Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) will be coming (16th, February, 2018), then we will have a two weeks’ holiday to celebrate Spring Festival, our factory will stop manufacturing products in that time, so if you have the new orders, please contact us and we will arrange the workers to manufacture before holiday, otherwise, the orders may be postponed to after new year.

Happy New Year to all friends in advance!


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