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Truck Freezer for Sale to Indonesia Market|Guchen Thermo

Jun  22,2018

Brief Introduction of Indonesia and Bright Future on Truck Refrigeration in Indonesia Market

Indonesia is one of country in Southeast Asia, located in the Southeast in Asia, across equator, border on Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia, apart Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Australia with ocean. It has the nickname of “Thousand Island Country” as the largest archipelago country in the world.

Indonesia belongs to typical tropical rainy climate, year-round average temperature is 25℃ to 27℃, no seasons difference, and rainy season in July to September, December to next February. With its advantages of tropical rainy climate, enough rainy and sunshine is good for fruits and vegetables grow, so Indonesia is rich in agricultural, fruits and vegetables are abundant and export to other countries. Also, as the largest island country, Indonesia is very rich in fishery industry. Fish species are up to 7000 kinds in 5.8 millions square kilometre water area. Benefit by the environmental conditions of nature, cold chain logistics is popular in Indonesia, so it is a great chance for the
truck freezer goes into Indonesia market.

truck refrigeration suppliers, customized truck refrigeration unit for indonesia
Photo: Guchen Thermo
TR-300 Truck Direct Drive Refrigeration Unit Price List Installation

Export Guchen Thermo Truck Freezer to Indonesia Market

The popular brands of trucks in Indonesia is Japanese brands, such as Mitsubishi Fuso, ISUZU, Hino, TOYOTA and Nissan diesel. Of which, the small trucks are popular with freezer units. Guchen Thermo
TR-300 is truck freezer apply for 10-20m³ truck bodies. According to our customers feedback, TR-300 models are very good performance in refrigerating system and keep fresh. Guchen Thermo as the truck refrigeration suppliers devoted to the customers’ demands and HVAC solution, we can supply the customized truck refrigeration unit to meet all demands.

Guchen Thermo TR-300 direct drive transport refrigeration units china Installation
Photo: Guchen Thermo
TR-300 direct drive transport refrigeration units china Installation

Distributors Wanted

It has to say, distributors make business more convenient and quickly, bring the end-users in local areas more pleasant and completed after sales service. Of course, distributors can also establish their own business in their country. We warmly welcome the truck body builders to join us! For the more distributorship benefits, please feel free to contact us!


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