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TR-550S Electric Standby Refrigeration Unit Exported to Abroad

Mar  11,2020
Guchen Thermo TR-550S integrated electric standby unit shipped to abroad in February, 2020.

Truck body: 5.0m×2.2m×2.2m
Desired temperature: -20°
Customer Requirement: I would like an efficient unit for my food truck. I need to chill an area of 24m³ and keep cool. What is the price for a refrigeration unit with AC380v standby? what’s the recommendation? Regards.
TR-550S integrated electric standby unit
Guchen Thermo’s Recommendation: TR-550S electric standby unit, which uses an external electricity source and electric motor 1) to keep the normal operation of the refrigeration unit during extended stops; 2)to pre-cool the food truck prior to loading.

Why TR-550S? or the Benefits of Electric Standby for Refrigerated Trucks?
◆ TR-550s electric standby unit is with large refrigeration capacity. It removes heat from the cargoes quickly.
◆ Guchen Thermo TR-550S unit reduces fuel consumption, because electric mode reduces the cooling energy required on start-up.
◆ A separate electric motor allows the refrigeration unit to operate from AC220v, one phase, 50HZ - AC380v, three phase, 50HZ, which is the best option for vehicles that require the cargo to be chilled/frozen even when it’s stationary.
electric standby unit

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