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TR-550 Refrigeration Units for Box Trucks Export to Cambodia

Nov  16,2018

TR-550 truck refrigeration units for sale
TR-550 box truck refrigeration units are used for large truck body for deep frozen food delivery. It is one of the most popular models of refrigeration units for box trucks in Southeast Asia, and recently we export to Cambodia and get the good feedback.

TR-550 transport refrigeration units are vehicle engine driven units, suitable for 20~30 m³ refrigerated truck bodies or 5.1 meter length refrigerated truck bodies. Three evaporator fans, large cooling capacity is up to 5800W at 0℃ to make temperature controlled transportation business in truck bodies at -30℃ to +30℃, used for deep frozen to fresh chill delivery. 

Besides that, the
TR-550 box truck refrigeration units installation stype is condenser fronted or under chassis mounted. Also, customers can equip with electric standby system for the long distance transportation business, or choose Guchen Thermo TR-550S integrated electric standby truck refrigeration units

Closer Cooperation with Southeast Aisa Countries

With the business development quickly in southeast Asia, and people pursuit for the more fresh foods in their tables, so the cold chain logistics growing fast and have a large quantity of
truck refrigeration equipment from large to small, frozen to chill to deliver fresh foods. Guchen Thermo get the chance and closed to the Southeast Asia market to design and customized our transport refrigeration units to acclimatize ourselves to the local customers demands.

As for now, Guchen Thermo
truck refrigeration units from small to large, frozen to chill have already spread all over the Southeast Asia, especially for the TR-200 and TR-300 small truck freezer units or C-200 and C-300 small truck chiller units are popular, and also our customers are from such as Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, and recently we first to have our customers in Cambodia.

TR-550 box truck refrigeration units for sale Southeast Asia
Photo: TR-550 box truck refrigeration units for sale Southeast Asia

Invited to Be Guchen Thermo Distributors

Guchen Thermo always take Southeast Asia, as one of the part of Asia, and closed to China seriously and hope to have a further cooperate-ship and as for now, we have some after sales service center in some of countries. For the more local customers having a good experience in Guchen Thermo
transport refrigeration units for sale, we invited related partners to be our distributors, please feel free to ask for more details about distributorship matters.


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