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TR-200 Small Truck Refrigeration Unit Export to South Africa Vehicle Refitting Factory

Mar  08,2018

Seeing from the world, America and European countries are the largest fresh foods marketing while the Australia, south America and South Africa are the largest supplying areas for the fresh products. There for with the consumption requirement increased, the cold chain transportation is more and more needed.

Brief Introduction of South Africa Environment

South Africa as one of beautiful country in the Southern Hemisphere are rich in agricultural products, such as fruits and seafood, which also make its cold chain transportation business developed. Because of its advantage climate, most of areas belong to tropical savanna climate, high temperature all year, wet in summer and dry in winter; in the southeast areas (especially Cape Town ) belongs to mediterranean climate, hot and dry in summer while warm and rainy in winter. From December to February is summer, temperature are up to 32℃ —38℃; from June to August are winter, temperature is down to 10℃ —12℃. As for its economy, the south Africa country is ranked to the second, compared with the other countries in South Africa, it has a more stable and developed live standard. Also, in these years, China and South Africa has a more closed relationship in international trade. It is in this kind of international situation, our partners in South Africa are more and more closed and friendly to Guchen Thermo.

Photo: Beautiful South Africa

TR-200 Small Truck Refrigeration Unit Export to South Africa Vehicle Refitting Factory

We are very appreciable of Mr. Jvlian’s affirmative evaluation to Guchen Thermo
truck refrigeration unit, and ordered Guchen Thermo units again. In the January, Mr. Jvlian received his product TR-200 model of small truck freezer unit. As the owner of a vehicle refitting factory and dealer in local areas, Mr. Jvlian promote Guchen Thermo units to his customers strongly because of its high quality and high cost performance. Last time the TR-650 truck refrigeration unit get his customer’s praise and this time, ordered TR-200 refrigeration unit for small truck with 5.85m³ truck body (2.6m*1.5*1.5*), the truck body is 75mm thickness, temp requirement is -20℃, and Guchen Thermo TR-200 small refrigeration unit for truck temperature range is -30℃ to 30℃. Mr.JVlian also feedback that the temperature can be down very fast. We are very thankful for the feedback installation photo from Mr. Jvlian. Besides that, Guchen Thermo C-200 also small truck refrigeration unit for customer choose that not high requirement to temperature. 

tr-200 small truck refrigeration unit to south africa
Photo: TR-200 Small Truck Refrigeration Unit Installation South Africa 

Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration Unit Dealer in South Africa

As for now, Mr. Jvlian is our
dealer in South Africa, and if anyone wants to buy Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration unit in South Africa as a end user, you can feel free to buy from Mr. Jvlian to get the completed after sales service, such as installation and spare parts free change in the warranty period (365 days). of course, if you are interested in being a dealers in your local areas, please send us email to consult whether there is our dealers in your local areas. We warmly welcome the partners who are in the business of truck body factory, vehicle refitting factory, other brand refrigeration dealers and so on to join us! Guchen Thermo, a royal partner that you can trust on and grow together!


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