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TR-110D Opel Van Refrigeration Installation in European

May  11,2018
Guchen Thermo TR-110D electric battery powered van refrigeration installed on Opel small cargo vans in European, for delivery of fresh foods.  As the van refrigeration unit suppliers in China, Guchen Thermo can give the competitive price of van refrigeration systems.

TR-110D Opel Van Chiller Unit Installation
TR-110D Opel Van Chiller Unit Installation

Feedback of TR-110D Van Refrigeration

According to our customers’ feedback,
TR-110D small refrigeration units for Opel vans run very well, temperature is -5℃. It perfectly meets the customer's demand to deliver fresh food, such as fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, milk and so on. It is condenser rooftop mounted van refrigeration units, battery powered 12v or 24v, very easy to install compared with the traditional vehicle engine driven van chilling system, like C-200T vehicle engine driven chiller unit. Easy to use Guchen Thermo TR-110D to convert the Opel van into a refrigerated vans.

TR-110D Refrigeration Units for Opel Van
Photo: TR-110D Refrigeration Units for Opel Van

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