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TR-650 Truck Refrigeration Units Export to Peru Food Company|Guchen Thermo

Mar  15,2018

South America, one of a fast developing religion in the world, vast territory and abundant resources, for example, rich in beef, mutton, seafood and so on. It was because of that vast land and rich food, the cold chain transportation in the religion are needed and necessary.

For the large frozen food company, they always have their own cold chain department to transport food to the supermarkets, retailers or food stores. Our customer from Peru, ordered
Guchen Thermo TR-650 truck refrigeration unit for helping developing their business. Their company is one of large food factory that they manufacture frozen meat and then deliver it to clients. With the advantages of strong installation and maintenance, they always ordered truck refrigeration unit Peru install and maintain by themselves.

Feedback to Guchen Thermo TR-650 Truck Refrigeration Unit

Our customer ordered TR-650
truck reefer unit for their 30m³truck bodies, and used for transport frozen meat. In the high ambient temperature in local areas, the truck refrigeration unit runs very good, fast reduce temperature to -20℃, very suitable for the high ambient temperature condition. As one of the main importer and marketers of frozen meat products in Peru, our customer is considering to have a long-term cooperation with Guchen Thermo in truck refrigeration units for sale in Peru.

guchen thermo truck refrigeration units export to peru food company
Photo: Guchen Thermo TR-650 Truck Refrigeration Unit for Sale in Peru

Why Guchen Thermo TR-650 Truck Refrigeration Units are Hot Sale in High Temp Ambient Areas?

Guchen Thermo
TR-650 box truck refrigeration units are especially designed for the high temp areas (50℃+), adding CPR valve and injection valve, helps to protect truck reefer units compress from high temp damage.
Besides that,
TR-650 truck freezer unit has 3 evaporator fans and the large cooling capacity make it suitable for the hot places, when the ambient temperature is too high, the large cooling capacity can reduce down the temp to -30℃ fast for the deep frozen transport business. So if you live in the 50℃+ hot areas, don’t worry, Guchen Thermo always has the best truck refrigeration units to solve your problems.

guchen thermo truck refrigeration units export to peru food company
Photo: Guchen Thermo TR-650 Truck Refrigeration Unit Peru Installation


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