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10 sets of TR-110D Vehicle Refrigeration Export to New Zealand

Dec  05,2018

About New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the southwest of Pacific Ocean, composed of south island and north island. Its capital is in Wellington and the biggest city is in Auckland, both of which are located in the North Island. It is a highly developed countries in the world, and also one of the most beautiful country in the world. The climate in this country belongs to temperate marine climate, no obvious temperature difference in every seasons. From December to the next February is in summer and from June to August is in winter.

The agricultural, livestock and fishery are highly developed. Fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, seafood, beef, mutton...are delivered to the customers tables relying on its well complete cold chain logistics. World famous brands of
transport refrigeration suppliers such as Thermo King and Carrier Transicold are the main products that in New Zeland market even in the world market. Now, with the fast developing in China, the high quality with competitive price transport refrigeration system products also appear in the market.

Guchen thermo TR-110D vehicle refrigeration system to New Zealand
Photo: Guchen thermo TR-110D vehicle refrigeration system Packing to to New Zealand

Feedback to TR-110 Vans Refrigeration

Guchen Thermo as the
van refrigeration units suppliers are devoted to the customers demands. Our customers from New Zealand import 10 sets of TR-110D models for their cold chain delivery business. All the features of our TR-110D van refrigeration is very suitable for their demands: mostly used for short distance fresh chilled products delivery, countryside to the downtown, TR-110D vehicle refrigeration system is the best choice. Battery powered, 12v or 24v, rooftop mounted,very east to install, suitable for all kinds of vehicle brands, R134a eco-
friendly refrigerant, and -5℃ to 30℃ temperature controlled, all of this features make our customers satisfied with TR-110D.

TR-110D vehicle refrigeration Installation in New Zealand
Photo: TR-110D vehicle refrigeration Installation in New Zealand

Invited to be Guchen Thermo Distributors

After the excellent purchasing experience from Guchen Thermo, our customers have the willing to have a long-term cooperation with Guchen Thermo, of course, Guchen Thermo will offer more preferential policy to attract to more people being our distributors in order to let more local customers buy Guchen Thermo products conveniently. If you have interest in being Guchen Thermo distributor, please feel free to
contact us, we warmly invited people to join us!


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