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Why Customers Choose TR-350 Models of Truck Refrigeration System?

Oct  30,2018

Popular TR-350 Truck Refrigeration System Model

Popular TR-350 Truck Refrigeration System ModelGuchen Thermo TR-350 truck refrigeration is a new designed direct driven unit specifically for the transportation of fresh or frozen goods in small/medium-sized delivery vehicles with box volumes up to 25 m³(fresh). Super cooling capacity promises the safety of the transporting cargo. Light-weight, low failure rate, easy to install and easy to do maintenance!

As for now, Guchen Thermo
TR-350 transport refrigeration system as one of the hot sale models has already exported to Australia, Central America, South America, Southeast Asia and Middle East, get the highly praised and earn the good reputation in the local areas!

TR-350 truck refrigeration system can be used for -20℃ deep frozen transportation with 15m³ truck box and fresh frozen transportation with 25m³ truck box (for the more truck box size and model, please feel free to consult Guchen Thermo Teams). We hope we can have a bright future with our partners together! 

Reasons that Customers Choose TR-350 Model of Truck Refrigeration System

1.Extra-slim evaporator, small in size and beautiful in appearance.
2.Adopt inner grooved copper tube and heat-exchange tube in evaporator, and adopt microchannel parallel flow core in condenser, which increase the heat exchange efficiency rate by 40%.
3.World famous brands spare parts, such as ITALY CASTEL,DEMARK DANFOSS,USA QUE,CODAN.
4.Security configuration included into CPR Valve,Liquid injection valve,H/P.L/P switch to make your
transport refrigeration system safe.
5.Smart electric control system installed in truck cabin, monitor temperature and
truck refrigeration in time and easily.
6.Optional heating system and standby system. Standby system adopts electric scroll compressor, easy to install and maintenance.
For more details, you can also
download TR-350 Truck Refrigeration PDF to Keep.

Reasons that Customers Choose TR-350 Model of Truck Refrigeration System

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Invited to be Guchen Thermo Cooperative Partners

Guchen Thermo is
truck refrigeration manufacturers in China, all of our transport refrigeration units made in China have high quality and competitive price. With the business development these years,  we are sincerely invited relative partners from all over the world to cooperate with us, selling Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration system in local areas. Interest please feel free to contact us


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