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What are Refrigerated Trucks Used for?|Guchen Thermo

Dec  18,2018

Refrigerated trucks take an important role in cold chain delivery, and let’s see what are refrigerated trucks are used for in temperature controlled delivery business. It has already help people resolved many issues of keeping any perishable cargoes fresh and safe for longer time to the destination.

With the development fast in cold chain delivery business, more and more factory can offer the high quality and reliable refrigerated trucks, or more truck body builders supply the service of rebuilding ordinary trucks or vans into refrigerated trucks or vans. Lots of
truck refrigeration unit volume manufacturers go into marketing, such as the famous brands existing with 100 years history from America including Thermo King and Carrier Transicold, Alex Group from Israel, Hwasung Thermo from Korea and Guchen Thermo from China and also other brands of transport refrigeration units that customers can ask for truck refrigeration unit price list to compared with which are the best choice for their budget and needs.

Guchen Thermo TR-350 truck refrigeration units installation
Photo: Guchen Thermo
TR-350 truck refrigeration units installation

In one word, refrigerated trucks or refrigerated vans are used for the perishable foods or goods such as flowers, ice creams, seafood, dairy, fruits, vegetables, fast frozen foods...that need to be temperature controlled from -30℃ to +30℃ during delivery on the road and keep it fresh, cold and unrotten to the destination. It is the main part in the cold chain delivery. The transport refrigeration equipment including into
truck refrigeration and van refrigeration are the key to keep the refrigerated vehicles good working performance.

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