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The Best Trailer Reefer Units for Freshness on the Go

Jun  05,2024
 Imagine setting off on a road trip with your cooler packed with snacks and drinks to keep them fresh. Now, scale that up a hundred times, and you've got the essence of what trailer refrigeration units do daily. In the world of cold chain logistics, trailer refrigeration units are the backbone of transporting food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products, maintaining optimal conditions from point A to point B.

Understanding Trailer Refrigeration Units

Trailer Reefer Units are like the high-tech coolers of the transport world, designed to keep perishable goods at just the right temperature during their journey. They're the guardians of freshness, ensuring that the goods inside the trailer are kept in their ideal conditions, whether it's a scorching summer day or a chilly winter morning.

Components of a Trailer Refrigeration Unit

Each refrigeration unit comprises several key components:
- The compressor, which is the heart of the system, compresses the refrigerant to circulate it through the unit.
- The condenser dissipates heat absorbed from the cargo area to the outside air.
- The evaporator absorbs heat from the cargo area, keeping it cool.
- The refrigerant, which is the system's lifeblood, facilitates the heat exchange process.
GUCHEN's GST-2000 and GST-2100 refrigeration units for trailers excel in cold chain logistics. They have minimum temperatures of -30℃, box volumes from 75 to 115m³, and extensive evaporator airflow. Both feature intelligent controls and long maintenance intervals and are designed for large cargo volumes, ensuring precise and reliable temperature management.
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Different Models and Their Applications

The selection of a trailer refrigeration unit model depends on various factors, including the size of the cargo area and the specific temperature requirements of the transported goods. The GST-2000 and GST-2100 exemplify the diversity in trailer refrigeration units suited for varying applications:
•  GST-2000 Trailer reefer unit: Ideal for medium-sized trailers with a box volume of 75-105m³, this model offers a cooling capacity of 18,100W at 0℃ and 9,600W at -20℃. It features an efficient engine, an intelligent control system, and an optimized air duct system for uniform temperature distribution.
•  GST-2100 Refrigeration unit for trailer: Suited for slightly larger trailers with a box volume of 80-115m³, the GST-2100 boasts a higher cooling capacity of 20,800W at 0℃ and 11,000W at -20℃. It incorporates an electronic expansion valve for faster cooling, more precise temperature control, and enhanced efficiency and environmental features.
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The Importance of Trailer Refrigeration Units in Cold Chain Logistics

In the field of cold chain logistics, there are a number of serious challenges, in particular:
◆ Temperature fluctuations: the quality and safety of perishable goods are at risk due to temperature changes.
◆ Product spoilage: the occurrence of spoilage can trigger huge economic and reputational impacts.
◆ Increased transit time: As transit time increases, the possibility of temperature anomalies also increases.
 This highlights the key role of trailer refrigeration units in the cold chain - a vital, temperature-regulated logistics network that is essential for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. To ensure that goods such as fresh produce, dairy products, seafood and pharmaceuticals arrive at their destination intact.

Choosing the Right Trailer Refrigeration Unit

Selecting the appropriate transport refrigeration units involves evaluating various factors:
- Transportation Needs: Consider the types of cargo and their specific temperature requirements.
- Cargo Volume: Match the unit’s capacity to the trailer’s volume to ensure efficient cooling.
- Route and Distance: Longer routes may require units with higher cooling capacities and advanced features for extended performance.
The GST-2000, with its efficient design, is perfectly suited for medium-sized trailers, while the GST-2100, boasting higher cooling capacities, caters to larger cargo spaces. Trailer refrigeration units are key to keeping food and medicines at the right temperature during transport. Making sure products stay fresh and safe from start to finish. 


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