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Why Your Refrigerator Car Cooling Slowly ?

Jul  12,2017

During transporting the fresh and frozen goods, the refrigerator car equipped with transport refrigeration units play a very important role because the goods that delivering have strict requirements to temperature. So if the temperature of truck bodies inside is not stable or the refrigerator car cooling slowly, the goods will maybe go bad and cause great losses to the transporter, dealers and other related personnel and fields. So what are the reasons that make refrigerator car cooling slowly or the temperature of truck bodies inside is not steady?

Generally, there are mainly six reasons. Firstly, the refrigerator car with transport refrigeration units have a poor sealing and heat-insulating property, which wastes large amount of cooling capacity.

Secondly, the surface of evaporator in truck reefer units frost thickly or dust too much so that the heat transfer effects of evaporator in truck reefer units isn’t well. And there are two simple ways to defrost,

Stopping compressor to defrost. Turning off compressor of refrigerating system for trucks and open the truck bodies to let the temperature of body inside rising. After the defrosting, then starting the compressor of truck reefer units again.

Defrosting by water. After unloading the goods, you can use the warm water to wash the evaporator surface directly, which not only defrost, but also clean the dust.

Truck C-300 truck reefer units install on a truck
PHOTO: Truck C-300 truck chiller units install on a small truck

Thirdly, there are existing much air or refrigerant oil in the evaporator of truck reefer units. Thus in the routine maintenance of refrigerating system for trucks, you should clean the oil stain in the heating surface pipe of evaporator and exhaust the air of evaporator inside regularly.

Fourthly, the throttle valve in transport refrigeration units adjust improperly or blocked, which will affect the flow rate of refrigerant directly. And finally that will influence the cooling capacity of truck reefer units.

Fifthly, there is not enough refrigerant in refrigerating system for trucks.
Refrigerant shortage in truck reefer units generally have two reasons, one is refrigerant charge quantity is insufficient, so you just need to fill it. And another one is refrigerant leaks, and now you should find the leak location and then filling in enough refrigerant quantity.

Sixth, low efficiency of compressor in refrigerating system for trucks. Due to the long-term operation of compressor, the abrasion of compressor parts maybe serious and then the sealing property would degrade accordingly. So the cooling capacity of transport refrigeration units will decline also.

Guchen Thermo TR-300 truck freezer units for sale now, which is front mounted vehicle engine driven units. This truck reefer units especially apply for 10~20m³(L≤4.3m) small or medium sized refrigerated truck box. It can keep inner temperature at -20℃ to 25℃. So it is suitable and practical to transport fresh, frozen or deep frozen foods, which meets different requirements of our customers.

trtuck tr300 freezer units
PHOTO: TR-300 truck freezer units front mounted on a truck, and the first photo is condenser and the second is evaporator 


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