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The Requirements to Transport Chilled Meat

Jun  26,2017

With the development of economy, the people’s living condition also rising accordingly and their demand for meat are increasing constantly. Meanwhile, their requirements to transport chilled meat are higher and higher. This is not a common transport refrigeration unit can do it. So what are the requirements of refrigeration unit for meat transport ?

Firstly, the refrigerator car should have transport refrigeration systems, like truck refrigeration or freezer units for vans.

Secondly, it is forbidden to deliver meat with a open vehicle to avoid the meat exposing in the air.

Thirdly, the chilled meat are permitted to transport after past all the tests. So the transport refrigeration systems are greatly accord with the development trend of cold-chain logistics, having the property of airtightness, insulation and seepage-proofing. The surface corners of truck or van bodies are smooth and the boxes have the features of anti-bacteria, anti-corrosion, easy to clean and sterilize, and waterproof. Also it is important to monitor the temperature and condition of the goods in transport refrigeration unit. And the lowest temperature of transport refrigeration unit that designed specially for delivering meat can down to -18℃.

Fourthly, it will be more convenient for a refrigerator car to transport meat equipped with air passage which is made of aluminum alloy and has a good ventilation and heat conduction effect, slide and hook are necessary as well. So it is much better to transport meat with one bigger sized trucks.

Guchen Thermo TR-550 reefer units for trucks are vehicle engine driven units, which are suitable for medium or big refrigerated trucks with 20~30 m³ or 5.1 meter length truck bodies. So the refrigerator car installed on this transport refrigeration unit can equip with hook and slide to transport meat which meet varied requirements of our clients. And its cooling capacity can up to 5800W so that it can keep temperature of the truck bodies from -18℃ to +30℃. So it is greatly economical and practical to deliver fresh, frozen or deep frozen foods.

tr-550 transport refrigeration units

Guchen Thermo TR-650 reefer units for trucks apply for 35~45m³ big sized truck bodies. And with R404a refrigerant, the temperature of bodies inside can range from -25℃ to +30℃. So the customer who installs this transport refrigeration unit on his vehicle are recommend that equip with standby system. In this way, the driver does not worry about the goods would go bad if they need to turn off the engine at night or the truck breaks down accidentally while they are in long-time and long-distance transportation.

tr-650 truck freezer units

If there have special requirements of transport refrigeration systems to deliver meat, please tell our salesman in advance, and our professional stall will give you the best product according to your needs !


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