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Standalone Integral Monoblock Refrigeration Units

Sep  23,2020

Classification of Transport Refrigeration Units by Design of Condenser and Evaporator

In our previous post named as types of road transport refrigeration equipment, we know that transport refrigeration systems can be classified into single-temperature (TS-1000, for example) and multi-temperature refrigeration units (TS-1000MT), by mode of operation.
By design of the complete TRU, it can be divided into 2 large types:
(1) Split refrigeration unit; The condenser and evaporator of a split truck refrigeration system are separate. The two separate parts work together to remove hot air from the truck inside.
(2) Monoblock refrigeration unit; Among all the systems manufactured by China factories, monoblock units are definitely the best in quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

monoblock refrigeration units

What is a Monoblock Refrigeration Unit?

A monoblock transport refrigeration system is a compact unit whose condenser and evaporator is connected to each other. In other words, the evaporator, condenser and refrigeration compressor are integrated in one unit, for positive and negative temperature.
The monoblock refrigeration system is a self-powered diesel unit, running off its own compressor. With great refrigeration capacity, monoblock units are suitable for large insulated truck and trailer bodies.

super snow monoblock refrigeration truck unit
Guchen monoblock unit is front-mounted system, designed for through-wall installation. All our monoblock refrigeration system is with perfect humidity and accurate temperature control, ensuring the quality of transported cargoes. Guchen one-piece monoblock units contain all of the refrigeration components and the refrigerant.

Models of Standalone Integral Refrigeration Systems Provided by Guchen Thermo

Guchen Thermo can supply 4 models of quality monoblock units for medium to large commercial vehicles. Large trucks and trailers obviously require a different type of refrigeration unit. Our TS series monoblock units is called the “Super Snow”. They provides an ideal solution for long-distance refrigerated transportation.

Product Name: Guchen SuperSnow TS Series One-piece Monoblock Unit
Models: TS-600, TS-800, TS-1000, TS-1200, TS-1000MT (optional multi-temperature refrigeration system), TS-1200MT (optional) etc.
Driven Type: Diesel Engine Powered
Unit Mounting Location: Front Mount Configuration
Compressor: Germany Bock FK Compressor
Refrigerant: R404a
Option: Electric Standby, Multi-temperature, Heating
Technical Data:
Model  TS-600 TS-800 TS-1000 TS-1200
PIC  TS-600 refrigerated transport monoblock unit  TS-800 monoblock truck refrigeration unit  TS-1000 monoblock refrigeration unit  TS-1200 monoblock integral unit for large insulated trucks
Temp. Range  -25℃~+30℃
 Truck Box Volume  25-35m³  30-45m³  45-55m³  55-65m³
 Defrost Function Automatic/Manual Hot Gas Defrost
 Electric Standby Optional  220V/240/380V/400V 3Phase 50Hz or 60Hz

Guchen Super Snow monoblock refrigeration units are easy to install with low noise. The new one-piece system may be arranged for singe compartment or multiple compartment refrigerated vehicles

Benefits of Standalone Integral Monoblock Truck Refrigeration Systems

◆ It is with compact hermetic design, combining the motor, compressor, CPR valve and other refrigeration elements in a compact unit. Designed for large refrigerated vehicles, this compact and highly efficient integral monoblock unit is capable of 5600 W to 11210 W of cooling.
◆ Compared with Guchen TR series split refrigeration units, TS series monoblock system can be installed very conveniently. The time-saving installation and configuration saves customer’s cost and improves the installation progress. Especially in refrigerated vehicle conversion, a one-piece unit half the work, enables the converted vehicle start its refrigerated transport as soon as possible.
◆ Monoblock refrigeration system is becoming a preferred choice when it comes to online picking quality and effective truck refrigeration units. It has been long-term well-tested, and fully come to market. A separate diesel engine enables the normal refrigeration of the monoblock system when truck idles.
◆ The slim evaporator takes small room up in the refrigerated truck box, thus saving as more space as possible for loaded goods. Besides that, the monoblock truck refrigeration unit is provided with new generation control panel with an easy-to-use interface.


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