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Importance of Cold Chain Management in Pharmaceuticals

Sep  05,2018

Nowadays, with development of live standard, people has a higher safety awareness on their life products, such as foods and pharmaceuticals, so the transport refrigeration units play a more important role in pharmaceuticals and food cold chain delivery.

According to reports, most of medical reagents, biological agent and drugs are easy to go bad if it doesn’t deliver under strict temperature controlled, that is because the protein in pharmaceuticals affected by temperature easily. If keep temperature under certain degree centigrade will ensure its stability, or not it will lose efficacy. Usually, it is divided into 3 kinds of temperature conditions for pharmaceuticals:

1.Fresh Pharmaceuticals: 2℃ to 8℃. for this temperature, Guchen Thermo all of
transport refrigeration units models can meet;
2.Chiller Pharmaceuticals: 8℃ to 15℃. for this temperature, Guchen Thermo all of transport refrigeration units models can meet;
3.Frozen Pharmaceuticals: -10℃ to 25℃, usually for vaccine delivery, for this temperature, Guchen Thermo TR series truck and van freezer units
 can meet.

We can see that, pharmaceuticals cold chain is closed to people’s life. From factory to distribution center, from distribution center to next level distribution center and then to the final customers, every stage needs temperature controlled delivery equipment, especially a high quality transport refrigeration units are demanded to ensure the pharmaceuticals safe to customers. Usually, when the delivery, we recommend to our TR-350 middle distance transportation truck refrigeration
 quotation are competitive.

In this level, Guchen Thermo as the
truck direct drive refrigeration unit manufacturers are your royal and trustful suppliers. Our refrigeration units for trucks have high quality and competitive price, we have already exported to all over the world and good reputation in our customers.


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