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How to use van freezer unit correct

Apr  23,2018
 I. Smoking in the car when van freezer unit is open-wrong
This is detrimental to health because the doors and windows are closed and the smoke cannot be discharged, which can irritate your eyes and respiratory system.

Guchen Thermo van refrigeration units is root top unit, apply for small to big van box, meet demand of fresh, frozen or deep frozen transport. 

II. Feel free to choose the air temperature-wrong

In doing so, the body's endocrine system is easily adjusted, and it is prone to diseases such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, and colds. Under normal circumstances, the temperature in the compartment is different from the outside temperature by 5 °C -6 °C, so when the owner adjusts the temperature, it is better to compare the outdoor temperature.

Guchen Thermo C-300T van chiller unit is driven by vehicle engine, and install on the roof to of cargo vans. With R134a Eco-friendly refrigerant, the cooling capacity of C-300T refrigeration system for van is up to 1700W at 0℃. This unit belongs to C series vehicle units, temperature can be range -5℃ to +30℃. As for C-300T chiller units for vans, it has two fans in its evaporator and condenser respectively. 

III. Van Freezer unit always on low gear-wrong

When the van freezer unit is in use, it will inhale a lot of dust, forming dirt, over time, and moldy, and then distributed through the freezer unit to the car, it is easy to inhale the body in the car to make people sick. Therefore, at regular intervals, the van freezer unit is opened to the maximum, and blowing for half an hour can effectively prevent dust accumulation.



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