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How to Run a Refrigerated Truck Business

Aug  23,2017
Running a refrigerated truck business requires discipline, not just in your finances, but in your attitude. With both clients and employees to manage, your goal is to create an environment that keeps your employees and attracts more business. For steps on how to run a refrigerated truck business, consider the following list.

Step 1: Hire the right people to drive your refrigerated trucks and perform the everyday administrative duties. 
Ask the right questions when hiring. Find out the reasons why applicants are interested in working for your company, where their priorities lie and how important it is to them to establish business relationships. In order to build your client base, you need staff that represents your company in a positive light. Asking the right questions will help you select the people with the best work ethic. What's more, your truck drive should be thoroughly familiar with the operation of transport refrigeration units.

Step 2: Design a benefits package that is attractive to your employees and affordable to you. 
Never offer too much before your business is up and running. It is harder to take away a benefit than it is to add one. Only add a benefit when the business shows consistent profit to cover the expense. Options for benefits include discounted health and dental care, flexible plans, and retirement plans with a matching option.

Step 3: Show your current employees respect when managing a refrigerated truck company. 
If you demonstrate consideration for your staff, they are more likely to show thoughtfulness toward the clients. It is important to establish a business mentality that is attractive to your potential and current clients, and ultimately that attitude must begin with you.

Step 4: Make sure that your employees are all adhering to the company policies. 
Whether it's regarding work ethics or behavior, ensure that everyone is following the procedures. If you are finding cause for concern, be responsive and prompt in dealing with them and correcting the problem. Follow your own policies when implementing any disciplinary measures.

Step 5: Be sure to pay your employees on time. 
You need reliable truck drivers to keep your business up and running, so be reliable when it comes to paying your employees.

Step 6: Support your employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

◆ Invest in up to date software for your freight brokerage, and ensure that all your staff members are trained accordingly.

◆ Ensure that your refrigerated trucks are equipped with proper truck freezer units and other necessary tools. You should create an environment that is attractive to your employees, but within a realistic and cost-effective budget.

Step 7: Be available to your clients. 
Always be responsive to client problems and prepared to correct any issues. Deal with your clients directly, and let them know that they can come to you with questions or concerns.

Step 8: Offer incentives to loyal customers. 
Provide a discount to recurring customers. If they are reliable in both business and payment, then this is the kind of customer you should be encouraging.

Step 9: Maintain a consistent cash flow by managing your refrigerated truck business finances frugally. 
You need to pay your drivers, purchase fuel and maintain your refrigerated trucks, so a steady cash flow is a necessity. Select a source of financing that you can tap into when times are tight and the bills need to be paid. Consider this an emergency fund.

tr-650 big truck refrigeration units
PHOTO: The pictures that Guchen Thermo TR-650 freezer unit for trucks installed on these big refrigerated truck bodies.

More information on TR-650 Unit:
Guchen Thermo 
TR-650 truck reefer units are driven by vehicle engine, and apply for 35~45m³ big sized refrigerated truck bodies. With R404a refrigerant, this unit can support 5800W big cooling capacity which keep the temperature of truck bodies inside range from -25℃ to +30℃. so TR-650 system is very suitable for delivering fresh or deep frozen cargoes. 

Because of its big cooling capacity and applying for the big trucks, so the transporters who installed this truck reefer units on his refrigerated truck bodies are recommend equipped with standbys system. In this way, the transporters do not worry about the goods would go bad if they need to turn the engine off at night or the engine break down suddenly. So it is very convenient and fuel-saving for customers to equip with standby system under long-time and long-distance transportation. Of course, customers can also choose the diesel engine driven truck refrigeration units for a better choice. 


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