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How to Rent Refrigerated Trucks ?

Jul  28,2017

Some people look at the meat wagon as a money truck and think that if they can sell all those steaks, chicken cutlets and fish fillets they can fill up their pockets in a hurry. It's a lucrative business that often results in repeat customers, which means more money. If you'd like to get started in that line of work, or a similar business that entails the transporting of refrigerated goods, make a route, get some goods to transport and follow the instructions in this article for renting a refrigerated truck equipped with truck freezer units.

Step 1: Things you'll need: valid driver's license Secondary piece of identification

Step 2: Contact a rental company that offers refrigerated trucks equipped with reefer units for trucks

Step 3: Ask the representative what documents you'll need to bring with you to rent a refrigerated truck installed in truck refrigeration units. These documents include a valid driver's license and may include another piece of identification, such as a credit card or a utility bill.

Step 4: Once you arrive at the rental company, you'll be asked either to fill out an application or to provide verbal information to the representative, who will key it into a computer console. The information will be included in the customer database and used for quick retrieval of later rentals. Also, some rental companies allow customers to use their information to reserve vehicles over the Internet or by phone, after which they can walk in, pay for the rental and drive away without redoing the application process.

Step 5: After giving the representative your information, pay for the rental. Some companies may require an extra deposit in case you return the rental with a low fuel tank or other damages. Other companies don't require that deposit, but will maintain that you fill the fuel tank to its capacity when you rented it.

Step 6: The representative will look over the truck with you in attendance and check that everything works properly (this includes the truck refrigeration units, also called truck freezer units) and that there is no damage to the truck. When the representative finishes the inspection, you will be given the keys to the refrigerated truck equipped with reefer units for trucks. This will happen again upon the return of the truck.

Guchen Thermo TR-550 truck freezer unit for sale now! This unit is driven by vehicle engine, which are suitable for medium or big refrigerated trucks with 20~30 m³ or 5.1 meter length truck bodies. And TR-550 reefer units for trucks’ cooling capacity can up to 5800W so that it can keep temperature of the truck bodies from -18℃ to +30℃. So this truck refrigeration units is greatly economical and practical to deliver fresh, frozen or deep frozen foods, which can meet different requirements of our customers towards temperature. 
tr-550 truck refrigeration units
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-550 reefer units for trucks apply on a big pickup trucks


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