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How to reduce the transportation cost and improve the circulation efficiency of cold chain logistics?

Apr  19,2018
I.    Form a reasonable and efficient chain of cold storage

Form a complete set of cold chain system integrating production, processing, distribution, warehousing, distribution, and after-sales services. The links in the chain are coordinated to ensure transportation efficiency, transportation quality, and reduce circulation costs. 

II.   Complete transport facilities and diversified means of transport
We manufacture all kinds of truck refrigeration system, apply for small to big truck, direct drive, diesel powered and electric powered transport reefer units for your fresh, frozen or deep frozen transport. 

III.  Use of advanced refrigeration technology

Guchen Thermo manufacture and supply all kinds of truck refrigeration units and van refrigeration units apply for small to big, large cooling capacity for long, middle or short distance frozen transport business.
IV.  Set up a special management organization, association, responsible for the operation and management of cold chain logistics system, through the formulation of national or industry standards, policy support, to meet the needs of the continuous development of cold chain logistics.

V.Form a complete transportation management information system

Guchen Thermo as the leading transport refrigeration unit manufacturers in China can supply all kinds of truck refrigeration units and van refrigeration units for your cold-chain transporting demands. 

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