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How to choose a vaccine (pharmaceutical) refrigerator car

May  03,2018

1. The choice of truck refrigeration system for vaccine refrigerated trucks

Some of the more special medicines and blood products need to reach a low temperature of minus 15 degrees. In this case, we must choose a more powerful refrigeration system, such as Guchen Thermo TR-450 truck freezer unit is in split structure and driven by the vehicle engine. It is especially designed for the medium or big trucks with 16~22m³ volume size or 5.2 meter length truck body to keep temperature range from -18℃ to +30℃.

2. Selection of vaccine refrigerated vehicle models

There are many models of refrigerated trucks, including truck, van, and large truck-type vehicles.
Guchen Thermo manufacture and supply all kinds of truck refrigeration units and van refrigeration units apply for small to big, large cooling capacity for long, middle or short distance frozen transport business.

3. Temperature and humidity recorder for vaccine refrigerated trucks

As a vehicle that transports drugs and vaccines, there is a high requirement for the temperature and humidity in the cabin. It is essential that the cabin is equipped with a temperature and humidity recorder.

4. Number of riders of vaccine refrigerated trucks

In general, as the epidemic prevention department sends medicines to the countryside, it will bring several medical personnel, so that you can choose a double row of vaccine refrigerated trucks.


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